Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 16, 2017

Hey fam!

Ok no problem for my homecoming, whatever works! And cool I'm excited
for that topic.

Well this week was way awesome but it also was super long. It started
with a leadership meeting Tuesday that went from 8:30-6:00, then
District Meeting the next morning, and then another leadership meeting
that afternoon with President. Then we were given the assignment to
put together a bunch of excel spreadsheets for our stake meeting which
happened the next day too. So up until Thursday we were completely in
meetings and I am not the biggest fan of meetings but oh well it
happened. It is hard to start your proselyting week on Friday because
you set these goals and then have so little time to try to accomplish
them but we went at it and saw some amazing miracles. We have really
pushed to get our investigators to Sacrament Meeting. Doing anything
and everything we can. So we had a church tour with our investigator
D-- and took him around and showed him everything and it was really
spiritual and we felt prompted to try to set a date with him and he
did! August 26! It was way cool. So we talked with him about the
importance of coming to church but he said he didn't have church
clothes so I gave him some of mine and I'll be honest he was looking
really good.

So we get to church and first D-- walks into church and we were
really excited, so we walked with him into the chapel and then we saw
our other investigator, J--, and we were like "hey cool" and so they
both came and sat with us. My comp and I then looked at each other and
were like "Hey, we called C-- last night, I hope she will be able to
make it." And we then look over at the door and C-- starts walking
in haha cool stuff, but then while we were sitting, maybe like 15
minutes into the meeting, a member comes up to me and says "Come with
me" and so I did I started following him and he took me to the back of
the congregation where he said one of our friends was sitting and it
was a guy we met a few days earlier--haha I was so pumped he came. Then
I realized we texted our investigator J-- to come, too, and thought
"Hmm pretty sure he said he would come" and I looked over and he's
there and he brought his little family too! Then I look over at the
sacrament table and G--, the guy that was baptized about 3
weeks after I got in this area, was passing the sacrament. It was such
a cool thing to look around and have the spirit testify to me of the
power of missionary work. Seeing a recent convert passing the
sacrament and our investigators at church. It was one of those moments
where I am kind of ashamed to admit (only because I don't like doing
it), but I got a little emotional just seeing these people fulfill
their potential. At least taking the first step to fulfill it. Cool
stuff! Definitely made my week.

I had interviews with President this week and it was really good
talking with him about stuff. It was really nice to know it wasn't my
exit interview haha-- I was able to have one last regular one! He is so
helpful and gives me good advice. Definitely lucky I have a mission
president like him. And his wife, too, she is awesome.

It was a good week! Excited for the one upcoming. Nashua is such a fun
place to serve--there really are a ton of good people here. There are
ton of crazy ones too which makes every day enjoyable. If I proselyted
in a place full of normal people I would feel pretty out of place.

Love you guys have a good week!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 10, 2017

Woahhhhh camping trip.  And kkkk when did we get a UTV? Never got that
update. That's cool though! Glad the trip was good. Definitely the
group is shrinking but gotta keep it alive! Nothing better than
Wasatch. One of my favorite places in the world.

Well well well this week was a good week. We worked hard this week
trying to get people to church. We were able to find a few people that
seem really solid. One of them is named J-- and we picked him up by
shooting baskets with him in his driveway. He's a YouTube maniac is
how he explained it, he posts trick shot videos so I asked him if I
could try one and he let me so I went and shot from like 30 feet
behind the backboard and had to make it over and I made the shot and
he lost his marbles. He posted it to YouTube because he said he was
filming it and said we would get good publicity from it.  So hey,  not
complaining. He probably doesn't have any subscribers so no one
probably could even find it but hey I made it on the internet so I'm
officially cool even if no one sees it. He also became an awesome
investigator so we are excited about him.

So we really put a focus on sacrament meeting this week. We were
outside of our car at the very least a few hours a day and every soul
we met we invited them to church. Literally not a single person
crossed our path that we didn't invite to church haha we had some
awesome miracles come from that. They didn't necessarily come to
church but it was interesting to see their hearts soften to an invite
to church rather than an invite to meet with us....honestly from my
perspective I'd rather meet with any missionaries than go to some
random service I've never heard of,  but hey whatever works I guess! It
was really good. We are going to continue to try that.

We did have some people come to church though! The A-- family
from Iraq. Well, the 3 kids came because the parents had to work. It
was so cool though, because we tried SO hard to get them to come and
they finallyyy came. And they loved it so much! The ward loved them
too.  One is 16, the other is 13, and the youngest is 7. They are
planning on coming every week now. It was really cool to see people
come to church and the young women came and swarmed them and instantly
became their best friends. They even participated in the classes from
what we were told,  so it was awesome. Definitely a good way to end the

I've been seeking some advice from people about my last transfer and
it's been like the best thing for me. Legit--whoever reads this and is
on a mission, on your last transfer you need to find the balance of
preparing to go home but still staying super super focused, and asking
for advice is awesome because there are so many good ways to keep that
balance. I had a conversation with a rm in our ward last having dinner
at their house, and he got back like 6 months ago and we had a good
conversation. It was really helpful. So don't try to do it on your
own! Ask for advice--it's the best thing you could do.

Love you guys have a good week!

1. Nashua is full of crazy cool street art. Here's one example.
2. We have a sweet view outside of of our apartment window but you can
see it way better from higher up so I amped up my study desk🤘

July 1, 2017

Hey fam! Surprise! Our p-day changed because of transfers on Monday.

Ps.  I'm staying in Nashua for another! My last transfer! I'm definitely
excited to stay in Nashua though! I knew I'd stay because President
basically told me in my interview but to get the final answer was
good. There are  so many awesome people here so I'm way excited.

We had a crazy week, not too much finding. Which hasn't happened in a
while, but we taught most of the week! It was a good feeling to see
though because it shows that there finally is a foundation here with
the people we teach. Now it's just helping them progress and
continually rebuilding but we have some awesome investigators with a
lot of potential.

So I told you about J--, the kid who accepted a baptismal invite
this last week and really understood everything well. Well we went and
taught him again this week and his Mom came in and joined us. She knew
basic beliefs of the church because she has a friend in our ward, and
they were the classics about polygamy and blacks and the priesthood
etc, and then tithing. We were able to manouver it well back to the
restoration and she kept asking about tithing so we explained the
basics and then moved on. At the end of the restoration she of course
brought up tithing again, and she said she has a problem with the
money going to pastors and evangelists and how they are millionaires
and have the nicest stuff and yet preach to give to the poor. We told
her our church's tithing goes straight to helping people and she then
said "well I'm going to talk to Sister Favey (the member in our ward)
and give her my 10% so I can pay my tithing to your church. I'm
excited to read the Book of Mormon so I can really know!" First time
I've ever taught the restoration and then afterwards they commit
themselves to pay tithing! It was actually really cool. They are a
solid family. We are excited to help them move forward.

We also helped M--l download the gospel library app and he was
PUMPED. He's into technology,  and as he was flipping through it he was like
"Wow, your church does well with the technology stuff".  It's true! But
yeah he was way excited.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and so I'm going through
each book that I read throughout my mission and going through all of
the markings and taking notes on them and it's been way interesting.
I'm glad I did it that way on my mission. Picking up a fresh Book of
Mormon and marking it and then seeing how much different they are
because of the different positions I was in during each time I read.
Don't even know if that makes sense but hopefully-- lol. The Book of
Mormon is just crazy cool. Finishing the Book of Mormon always is such
a cool experience reflecting on what you learned.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 26, 2017

Well this week was a good week. We saw a lot of cool miracles with
teaching people. We had a lot of logistical things to take care of too
because we have a lot of work to do before a specific meeting we have
with the stake pres. For work when I'm older I could never sit behind
a desk and just type on a computer. I would lose my mind. So when we
finished I was grateful to get back out haha. We started the week with
a meeting with the Lowell Spinners baseball team. It was pretty cool
going into their office and chatting. They are at our mercy too haha I
had no idea how bad baseball parks want things like "MormonNight" to
happen. And the 2 days that are our tentative dates to do it on are
August 11 and 28. Hopefully we can do the 11th if you know
what I mean. It was fun though! Hopefully we can get the ball rolling.

We met with our investigator J-- the other day and it was one of
the best lessons I had been in. It's cool because he graduated just a
year ago so he's pretty close to our age and he's really mature which
is nice so meeting with him was cool. He asked us a lot of questions
about what we do and he was blown away when he found out our ages haha
we invited him to be baptized and he was like "oh yeah definitely like
when I come to know this is true definitely" the only obstacle is work
schedule for church and meeting with us so he is working it out where
he will have Sundays off. Hes a champ.

I went on exchange with one of the assistants E Nelson and it was a
blast. I went on exchange with him when we both were brand new and it
was so funny because we had no idea what we were doing. So going this
time and working together was so funny to see how different we both
are now. He's one of my best mission friends so it was a good time.

Things are good, we are finding a lot of new people now we are just
working on getting them to church and setting dates. It's been quite
the transition here haha but I feel like I'm starting to get the hang
of it a little now. I forget a lot of names though haha

Sorry I know I could be a lot better at emailing. I'm working on it
haha even though it's been almost 2 years still working on it LOL love
you guys! Btw happy birthday dad!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 19, 2017

That's awesome about trek! It's good to hear the new ward fam is
treating you guys well! Also, hope Dad had a good Father's Day! Did he
get my letter?

Alright well this week was another one for the books. We got our new
companions and I'm with Elder Thorpe and he's a solid kid. He hasn't
been out for very long and is a brand new ZL so it's been fun to help
him out and to work with him. He served in Wolfeboro and Bedford,too,
so it's been fun to talk about the people there.

We had a good week though, we had an awesome zone conference with
Elder Snow from the 70, he came and gave us trainings. He interviewed
me after and wow he's a cool guy. After that we had a lot of time to
find. We had a really cool experience with a family that we found from
Iraq and we went in and taught them and the parents could speak
English better than they could hear and understand it, so the daughter
translated for us as we taught and it was UNREAL. We showed the Prince
of Peace video in the lesson and she translated it, and she got more
and more passionate as the video went on and it was so powerful. And
the family accepted it so well. One of the cooler experiences I've had
on my mission.

Sorry, once again I don't have a ton of time but hopefully you won't kill
me mom. Love you guys! Have a good week!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 12, 2017

Hey guys!

Crazy week. We have been working hard on trying to get everything
ready for the merge tomorrow and I'm just excited to get it rolling.
We've had a crazy amount of meetings with both mission's leadership and
also had a meeting with President Holland. Jeffrey's son. He is a
profound man like his dad. Definitely intimidating but way cool guy. I
went to a Boston Leadership meeting and it was really good, but I
realized how grateful I am to be serving in the Manchester mission.
I'm just really grateful for President Blair and Sister Blair and all
that they do and the way they do things. It's been a crazy couple
weeks but I have really learned a lot here.

I've been working on this idea since I've been here in Nashua and the
ball is finally starting to roll. So a lot of baseball parks have
"Mormon Night" where the baseball game is kind of themed that way and
they give a lot of tickets to the members and a famous Mormon will
throw out the first pitch and there are some other things too. I think
the Red Sox do it, I know the Dodgers do it, etc. So the Lowell
Spinners are in our zone, and we got their phone number and set up a
meeting to schedule a Mormon night at the baseball team's stadium in
July or August! It will most likely be a family night activity for the
stake and we will try to get our investigators and less actives to
come and have a good experience at the game especially being
surrounded by so many members and it being church-themed. And a good
thing to help member trust, too, hopefully. Our meeting is in about a
week and a half and it will hopefully go well. They seemed excited to
have us come to theme a game of theirs. We are coming up with other
ideas too but I guess we will see first with how the meeting goes.

Ok I really don't have a ton of time which is why I've been really
vague I'm sorry I'm just running out of time but I love you guys and
am excited to update you next week on our investigators! We found a
really cool girl that was fellowshipped by a member and she wants to
learn and to be a part of the church because she is realizing the
truth behind her studies of the Book of Mormon. Really excited to try
to set something up this week with her and the member. To be
continued! Sorry again, I'll be better! Love you guys!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 5, 2017


This week was once again interesting. To sum it up I saw a dead guy, I
felt a dented head plate on a drunk guy, and I had a burrito that
tasted just like cafe rio❤️

Nashua is an interesting place, but I really like it a lot! It's so fun
to find people here because it reminds me so much of Manchester, you
just never know what you're going to find.

I went on exchange with a missionary from my mission which was cool
because I felt like I was with someone that understands missionary
work the same way I do haha. It's been very interesting being with the
Boston missionaries but it's been good. It was cool though, and we
found some really cool people! It was too bad because they all
committed to come to church and none of them did. Nothing to update
with them just yet, but there will be soon. For lunch we went to this
Mexican place and it was crazy because it was like the first time I
had real Mexican food on my mission❤️❤️❤️❤️ and it actually had
flavor❤️❤️❤️ I love New England but their food could use some spice.
Also on exchange we were walking the street and saw 2 cop cars. All
of a sudden they opened the door of the apartment that they were
parked in front of, and they were carrying a dead guy to this
van.....so we panicked and did the classic missionary thing and asked
if there was anything we could do to help. Pretty embarrassing moment.
They said "no", if you couldn't guess.

I met Aunt Miriam's sister and wow they look so similar haha-it was
funny to run into her. Miriam's parents were in town this week too! We
ran into them at 5 guys today also. It is weird seeing people that
know me. I'm so used to being unknown to everyone so when I see people
I have met or that I know, I get really awkward and I hate it haha but

Gary S.  got baptized this last weekend and it went so well.
He's such a cool guy. He bore his testimony at the end of the baptism,
and it honestly was one of the best testimonies I've heard. Good week
for sure.

I like the challenge to read the Book of Mormon by then! I'll follow
up with you when I get back and see how it went! Love you guys!

Friday, June 2, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hey everyone!

This week has been soooo crazy, really full of miracles and a bunch of
new things learned. The Boston missionaries definitely have a
different mission culture and way of doing things, so it's been really
interesting to see and learn how I can improve. My companion Elder
Woodward is a really good missionary--it's been really fun! With our
area book and transferring it over and trying to learn the area and
stuff....it's really hard. But I'll get there.

We found a lot of success this week going around Nashua and just
talking with people on the streets. We had some really cool lessons on
the streets! We found a guy named M-- and his girlfriend who have met
with the missionaries before and knew who we were, so he let us teach
him on the spot and it was really cool! We gave him a Book of Mormon
at the end of teaching the restoration and he was like, "I'm really
searching, guys, like I won't let anyone's opinion get in the way
because I know that I need to know for myself" it was really cool to
hear--he seemed really excited to find out if it's true. And like 5
minutes after the lesson we were walking and came across a couple and
talked with them.  The lady was faking a phone call and kind of
dodging haha but she heard us talking to her boyfriend and just
put her phone down and came and listened. She was like "wow ok this is
awesome!" And we taught the restoration and they thought it was really
interesting. I feel like we had a lot of contacts this week where
people were really hesitant but they felt the spirit of the message
and it softened their hearts. You could like see it on their face--it
was really neat to see.

One of the coolest contacts we had was this lady named A--. She was
coming back from the bus stop with her daughter and we asked some
simple questions about her religious background and she said lately
she has been reading the Bible and felt like it had helped her a lot.
So we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her it would add to her
blessings as she came to know this is true, and set up an appointment
for a couple days later. So 2 days later we go back and she had read
half of the Book of Mormon and was really sincere in letting us know
how grateful she was for stopping her and giving her this book. We are
seeing her again tomorrow! She is so cool.

We are teaching this guy that will get baptized this upcoming weekend
and he's so cool. Brother S--. Everytime we go over there to talk to him 

he's so sincere and soaks up the
gospel and loves to bear his testimony about how he came to know it's
true. He is like a crazy successful and smart guy too, he is married
to a returning less active member and he is so cool to teach. This
area is a really great place! I'm really excited to serve here. I'm
excited for the craziness of this merge to finally stop and go back to
my mission haha rather than being in the Boston mission (no offense)
but it's just bizarre. I'm like cut off from my world aka my mission.
Like I don't have a ton of contact with them ha but it's been a good
experience for me.

Love you guys! This gospel is really powerful, I felt it this morning
really hit me because I was able to go to the Boston temple and do a
session and I was able to reflect on what the gospel has done for me
and the miracles we were blessed to see this week.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hey guys!

Well, this week was good! Sad news, but I'm getting transferred. I'mexcited though! It will be a whole new adventure for me. 

Our mission boundaries are changing and we are getting a new stake here, and
President said I will be the zone leader to open it up! No one really
knows anything about it, even President said I'm basically on my own
so.....cool! I am getting a Boston missionary as my companion for 3
weeks and technically getting mission transferred but then I'll be
back lol,  I have the 3 weeks to transfer our area book
electronically and then to learn my area and zone and then I'll get a
new companion. President said I will become his new best friend so I'm
guessing I'll be talking with him a lot ha it is going to get crazy
but it's ok-- it's good for me, I'm glad I'll be kept on my toes for my
last 2 transfers.

Not a ton happened this week, the JSM was unreal with A—though, he
loved it so much! That place is so cool to go to, I'll definitely miss
being in Vermont. 

We met with T-- again.  She is just about to finish 2 Nephi.  She
will be baptized, just not sure when. Hopefully soon! Man I have no
idea what to write about haha I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about
next week.

Love you guys! I'd love some prayers, too! Have a good week!

 The Bishop's family


Ben and Jerry's!

Aunt Miriam's brother-in-law who
used to be Bishop in the ward Cam was sent
to in New Hampshire!  He went looking for Cam
when he found out he was in the Nashua area!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

Hey! It was good to talk to you guys too! I liked that it was a little
more casual ha rather than all of these pre written questions or stuff
like that but it was mostly just a conversation. I'm fine with pre
written questions! But it left a good feeling with me to just have a
normal conversation with people haha.

This week was really cool! A-- had his baptism on Friday and it was
way good! A lot of people came too and it was cool to see the ward
really support him. He even got up at the end to bear his testimony
and it made it really cool. We are going to the Joseph Smith Memorial
with him and some members,  so we are really excited about it.

Uhhhhhhhh well I talked with you guys yesterday so not a ton to report
on. Had interviews with President! Transfers coming up.....I think I'm
getting transferred. 2 left! Whatever happens I'll be ok with it.
Things are good!

Love you guys!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

Hey everyone!

By the way, mom, I can Skype you guys at like 12:45 eastern time. Does
that work?? I can get home from church pretty quickly to do it. Or
else I can do it really early but I'd prefer to do it then if

Another crazy week here in Montpelier. We taught a lot this week and
it was a really good feeling because that doesn't happen too often,
usually the majority of the time is finding! We have been working with
A-- this week to get his baptism all organized for Friday  and it's
looking like things will work out well. He's so awesome. He told us
this week all the problems he is having with his family because they
don't approve of him getting baptized. He is very open about joining
the church and defends it and is willing to sacrifice anything to be a
part of it. It's actually pretty crazy, like a lot of his family isn't
talking to him because of it, so it's pretty sad.  But I'm telling you
A-- lives by Romans 1:16  like I've never seen. "For I am not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth." Even in times of his own persecution he is
still willing to try to share the gospel. Definitely a big example to

We taught our investigator B-- and he has a lot of really good
questions and has really good insights. This week he said "Well, when a
church receives persecution like Christ did, that's when I can see
truth in it." So we gave him the Prophet of the Restoration to watch
and he has already watched it at least 2 times and told us the last
time we saw him that he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet! It was a
cool lesson to be a part of.

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial with E-- and another member
and it was unreal. That place is the best--especially taking the entire
tour and going and seeing everything around the grounds there. E--
really enjoyed it too. It was cool because on the way home he was
talking with us about serving a mission. It's funny because he said as
long as he goes to a place without vegetables he will be
fine........we let him down gently and just said there isn't a place
like that anywhere in the world. He will be alright, if I can learn to
like tomatoes than he can learn to like vegetables. He's such a goof.

Other than that, not much too report on. We had a lot of lessons but
nothing too crazy. Things are good! Love you guys!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 30, 2017

Hey fam! 

Wow this week was a really good week, it was definitely crazy with the weather change because so many people were outside and we were able to do a lot of finding, and I'll tell you what--the people here in Vermont are awesome. It's been a while since I have had this much variety with people, all sorts of interesting stories that maybe I'll tell another day but it's been really fun! Man I have missed my short sleeves though. It is so nice to be in them again! It definitely was a grind week though, not too many people were receptive but it definitely strengthened my faith with talking to everyone.

A while ago on an exchange we found this guy named B-- and he is atheist but as we talked, we found out he grew up in Bountiful Utah for a while, and knew quite a bit about Mormons but obviously was never interested. We talked with him about what we believe and why, and it was a really good conversation respecting each others' beliefs and we went our ways, but we kept running into him on the streets! So we would chat and say hi and go on our way and finally we ran into him again the other day and he said "Hey, I was thinking that I'd like to come check out your church", so we invited him this week and he actually came and he loved it  and wants to come next week! Our recent convert, E--, was an excellent fellowshipper too which is a big part of why I think he wants to come back. Good stuff!

Honestly don't have too much time but T-- had us over for dinner so that was cool, we taught her dad and the spirit was really strong but at the end he said, "So what about Brigham Young--where does he play into this" and gave a big grin. Definitely has heard a thing or two but that's alright--hopefully he will remember the spirit he felt. Our investigator A-- is going to be baptized this next Saturday which is way cool. He is one of the coolest people I have met on my mission. Definitely lucky to have been able to work with him. 

Sorry not too much time but I'll have more time next week! Love you guys! 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 24, 2017


Yes I got the package. Thank you! All of the candy is gone already, I
ate it pretty quick.  Also, I talked with president and my release date is August 28th.
Lol-- I'll be in class the next morning. 

Well this week was good. We got a surprise text from A-- at the
beginning saying he went back to Michigan for a week or two because he
needed to get his move started with coming full time here to Vermont
so we weren't able to meet with him but he still is doing really well
and went to church in Michigan and is still reading and praying so
he's doing good!

We met with T-- again and she read into 2 Nephi a little so she's
definitely making her way! She really is so solid. It's awesome haha
but as we followed up with her on her reading, she then pulled out her
bible and said she read the first 11 chapters in Genesis........let's
just say she had a lot of questions--hahaha--her first one was "why
would Noah get drunk and pass out naked and then his grandson tries to
cover him up and Noah curses him?"............yayyyyyy Old Testament.
We told her we would read the Bible with her after the Book of Mormon
but that she should just focus on the Book of Mormon for now. 
But yeah, she's doing well! 

We had our MLC meeting in Manchester and I stayed at my old apartment
with Elder Holt and it was really funny being around him and
reminiscing on the almost 5 months we were together. He goes home in
just a few weeks so it was fun for probably the last time. There is
some craziness coming to our mission here pretty soon so it will be
interesting to see what happens.

We had a lot of time to find and it's been fun because we have used a
new approach with people. We are going around asking for a 5-10 second
video about why they are grateful for their mothers and how we are
planning on compiling all of them and putting them on the internet
connected with a hashtag so that they can go back and watch it. I
think the hashtag will be #thanksmom and then just relating it back to
families and it's worked really well with people! We picked up a few
new people from it and we are going to keep doing that until Mother's
Day. We'll see what happens with it but now it's pretty much happening
all over the mission, so there should be a lot of videos coming in!
Makes for an exciting day.  

Love you! Have a good week!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Sounds like a good week! And good to hear about Grandma. 

This week was definitely a good one. My companion was sick for a
little bit of it but besides that it was good. Our new investigator
A-- had us over again for lunch and we set a baptismal date with him
for May 13th and he's really excited. It is really cool because a day
or two after we teach him he calls us and reviews it with us again and
tells us additional things he learned from pondering the lesson we
had. It's always a good thing when investigators remember what we
taught hahaha especially when they ponder it. He's a champ--definitely
one of my favorites that I've taught on my mission.

We went on a mini mission with the Bishop’s son and another priest in
the ward so it was crazy having 4 people going around contacting and
teaching people but it was really fun haha they are cool kids, and
what made it really cool was we went to go contact a guy named B--
and so we knocked on his door and he answered it and was like, "Elders!
come in, come in! I just cooked you eggs! Please come sit down!!" And
so I was like, "Well, it sounds like you know the missionaries pretty
well then!" And he responds "We don't just know you guys, we LOVE you
guys! Our house is your house!" Hahaha it was so funny but he was a
really cool guy even though the first part makes him sound crazy. They
let us sit down and we taught them and also got to show them the new
Easter video and it was really cool! We scheduled a barbecue with him
in May.....Don't ask how our conversation led to that but somehow it
got to BBQ and it's going to happen so I can't complain! So the
priests were able to get a cool taste of the craziness of missionary
life but also picking up someone new to teach. Fun times.

Easter was a pretty good day too, we had dinner at our Bishop's house.
Our Bishop and his family are like my favorite ever--they are so cool
and so solid. They prepared a little Easter egg hunt for us before
dinner and it was comedy, I totally felt 7 years old again running
around with my bag filled with eggs--it was amazing. What made it extra
good too was a video I watched on Mormon.org, it is the "Compassion"
video from the new Easter initiative. It shed light on me about
Christ's Atonement that I don't think of enough which is to turn
outwardly when we experience trials and how much it can help. When
Christ's Atonement is used properly it truly brings a change of mind,
not necessarily a change of situation. Even though people sometimes
expect the situation to change, if we open our hearts we can see as
Christ sees and bless other people as well as receive blessings

Love you guys! Have a good week!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 10, 2017

Hey everybody!

This week was crazy. We did a lot of planning for this Easter event
Elder Braley and I put on this last weekend. It was a tour of the life
of Christ. The event was on Friday and it went really well.  We had the
different rooms set up for each phase of his life, and people went
through them chronologically starting with Christ’s birth, to his
ministry, to his death, and then to his resurrection. There were
roughly 80 people that came. It was really cool because yesterday in
sacrament meeting a lot of people got up and bore their testimonies on
the life of Christ and tied it into missionary work. And one high
councilman in our ward came up to us and said he felt like he had a
prompting to come out and work with us more. So we did right after,
and visited prospective elders and less actives.  We visited this
family and it was a really spiritual experience. We are now meeting
with them weekly! He wants to come out with us as often as he can now.

It's funny because after the event we felt like it went only ok,
because a lot of the less actives we invited and committed to come as
well as investigators,  didn't end up coming. But to hear the members
say how it impacted them helped us see that this non denominational
event wasn't only for non members and our less actives, but helped
strengthen the members in ways we definitely didn't expect! It really
was a lot of fun though, and really a cool experience to study the
life of Christ in depth at this Easter season.

We met with T-- a couple times this week and she's doing just great. A
cool thing happened on Sunday.  So she signed up to feed us which is so
cool because her boyfriend will be there so hopefully we can talk with
him and soften his heart a little towards us. He doesn't hate us--he
just isn't a fan of religion, so maybe we can just start by being his

We had another really cool experience yesterday at church, too. A
member here has been telling us for about a month that one of his
young friends was going to come and we could teach him, and he finally
showed up yesterday and we talked with him and he is so prepared to
hear the gospel. No joke--he is probably the most prepared person I've
met on my mission. We sat with him during sacrament meeting and he
nudged me to go bear my testimony kind of joking with me. So I went
up, and afterwards he leaned to me and said "Well, I dug myself in a
hole because now it's my turn to go up isn't it." I said "Well yeah!"
and he got up and bore his testimony and it was so amazing. He talked
about how he has learned just a little about the church but yet he
knows it's true without a doubt because of how we as LDS members act.
He said it's so Christlike that people would have to be blind to
not see it. He then went up to the Bishop after the meeting and
thanked him for carrying on such a difficult calling and said he
really appreciated him. He then introduced himself and said he is
planning on getting baptized within the next month or two. So, usually
in a story like this, there is a hicup with the person, maybe like a
mental setback or something fishy but no he is literally that
prepared!! Haha his name is A--. He is cooking dinner for us
tomorrow and having a lesson as well, and we are planning on setting a
baptismal date with him. He met with the missionaries for a couple
weeks in Michigan so he knows a little, but now he has moved out here.
It was such a refreshing miracle that we were just blessed to be a
part of.  I'm sure there will be quite a bit to update on next week
with him!

Love you guys!

Elder Webb