Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016

Hey, fam! We had interviews yesterday with the President so we have p-
day today! So ya sorry about the confusion.

Hey, tell Brandon to look for Zach Darrington in Lima, Peru!  Or
Caden Cluff. Jared knows him. Or Garrett Southwick I think too...?

Ok so about this week. This week was a way cool week. A lot happened!
We were only able to meet with G-- twice, and he is having
huge problems right now. It's not good, but he has finally hit rock
bottom so hopefully he can only rise from it. And it's not really G--
that is on rock bottom, but his surroundings and his willingness to
help the people he's surrounded by. He realized that the people around
him, aka the people living with him, aren't helping themselves and if
they will never help themselves then he can't restrict himself from
his own happiness and literally his own salvation. It's an interesting
situation, I hope that all made sense. But we are having a few members
stop by to help him out and to give him a little counsel because, he
needs it way bad ha and we can't give it, so luckily some members are
doing it and helping out.

L-- is doing well! She's keeping her commitments and is really
trying to do what's right. We met with her a couple days ago and
talked about the word of wisdom and it went well. She has a lot of
friends that don't follow it, and it was a good lesson because she
realized that her friends don't have their free agency anymore because
of their addictions, and she doesn't want that for herself. It was
really good.

Like usual, we met with a lot of members once again since that's where
we are focusing on, but we found a new investigator from meeting with
them! Finally! Haha one of the members brought a lady to church and
her son too, and they loved it. We met with them later Sunday night
and had a good lesson on the restoration. They seem great! And they
are definitely humble enough to accept the truth. It was a cool
experience! We will continue to meet with them this week. We are very

It was a good week! I love you all and I hope you have a great week. It's 
snowing super hard up here so hopefully the weather in Utah is a lot better! 

Love you!

Elder Webb

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016

That's so cool about Tanner! Crazy mission, but so cool! And the caddying 
thing too, I'm way jealous! And Mom and Dad, keep up the good work 
at the temple! That's a great way to do missionary work! And for those 
extra blessings. And thanks mom, it means a lot to know you're proud of me. Seriously!

This week was a good week. It was weird, but still good. We were in
our area for about 3 days so it felt really weird! For the first 2
days of the week we were in Manchester for a new missionary training
meeting for Elder Bates, and I got to see Sister Whitney again, btw, so
we didn't get home until Tuesday night. And then Wednesday, we went on
exchange until Thursday night, so we had Friday and Saturday and
Sunday to do work, so not a ton happened but still a good week!

We met with L-- yesterday and she was really confused about the
Book of Mormon with where she was reading, so we read with her to get
her back on track to clarify things. It went really well! It's cool
cause we can tell she really cares about learning. We were going to
teach about the Word of Wisdom but we will save that for next week I
guess! We were able to get back on track with G-- too which was cool!
We had a good lesson with him about faith and yeah he's back on track.
He's streaky, so we are still on our toes with him but we were happy
to get to see him again. We will stop by again tonight to see him and
hopefully get another baptismal date to get him focusing
again. That's really it with investigators, it's been slow the past 2
weeks, but we have met with a ton of members to get them finding
people with us too, so we are praying that it will work!

Sorry for the short email, but not a ton happened! Haha but one cool
realization I had this week was the question "What lack I yet?" It's a
humbling question to ask your Heavenly Father! And you always get an
answer immediately. So I challenge you all to do that so you are
always improving! I love you all! Have a good week!! Btw we were at
the B--'s this week and brother B pulled out his Model A it was
cool. He took us for a ride in it. It's SOOOO old. But anyways, love

- 2 Chainz

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hey fam!

This week was a super good week! First off I found out I don't have to
come home and have surgery! They said I could take some Ibuprofen and that's 

really all they told me haha but I'm glad I don't have to leave! The hospital in
Dartmouth is literally the biggest thing I've ever seen. I didn't
think there was even a building that big that existed in New England,
there aren't enough people around it,  but literally that hospital
could host the entire state of New Hampshire. K joking, but kind of
not. It was a really long drive, though. Road trips when I get back will
be a breeze, we drive so much all the time haha but yeah it was a good

We made a goal this week to meet with more members than we ever have,
or at least to try to! And it worked really well. We have been trying
to extend stronger commitments to the members so that they will be
more motivated to help us find new people to teach, and to help out
their friends and family that aren't members. The members here are
seriously incredible ha they are so willing to help out. And
especially having a new missionary come in they have all taken Elder
Bates right in haha it's funny to see Elder Bates' reaction sometimes.

We had a good lesson with L-- the other day about the Sabbath Day
and obedience! She is on fire ha she is really learning a lot and is
doing her homework! It's really fun teaching her. We also meet with
her boyfriend, D--, who is a member, but has lost his way a little,
but it's really cool because L-- is straightening him out! He has
a testimony-- sometimes he just needs to be reminded he does. Does that
make sense? And the Dad, Brother J--, is like the coolest ever.
He's from Massachusetts and has the funniest New England accent. I've
been working on mine, actually. Usually you just put an r at the end of
a word, like soda is soder, idea is idear, oh and, no joke, a member
asked us if we liked enchiladers.......I tried so hard not to laugh.
The New England accent is so funny.

We tried to meet with G--, but he really doesn't know anymore what he
wants. He expects things to play out perfectly for him when he's only
living part of the gospel. It's hard, even when it's explained to him
it just doesn't click anymore. We are going to keep trying, but we are
sad about where it's going. It's ok--maybe it's just not his time!
He's a stud though, so we think he can pull through and get back on

So we got a call from the assistants yesterday and we have this
meeting we are going to tomorrow for the new missionaries, and they
gave us the plans for how we will get there and they said the Cornish
sisters will be picking us up. (Aka Sister Whitney) but they called
us a few minutes after and said they had changed so we are just
driving ourselves down now. So I'll see her tomorrow. So Dad, Mom was 

telling me about Michaella's farewell and that you got up afterwards and 
said for her to give me a handshake from you, so here you go!

Sure love you, fam. Keep up the good work at home. And thank you for
all the prayers! It means a lot.

Elder Webb

Michaella Whitney, a young woman
in our ward who was called to the same 
mission as Cam!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey, fam! 

So I got an update about the medical thing. I have to go to a surgeon before I go to a physical therapist because my mission nurse is worried it might be worse than just a muscle tear and doesn't want me to jump into PT and make it worse, so I have to go to a surgeon tomorrow at Dartmouth college to see what his take is. But that's the only update so far! Hopefully I can get an answer on what's going to happen tomorrow but hopefully it's the answer that I won't need surgery! 

This week was absolutely crazy. We were so busy with teaching people this week it was great, but not the people I expected. We haven't seen G-- all week, we have no idea what's going on with him. We pray for him every day but he won't respond to our texts or calls! I think we will plan on stopping by his house this week to see if we can catch him there. I know he has the potential to be an incredible member, so we will keep trying him. G-- is one of my favorite people that I have taught in my whole mission, I really hope we can get back in contact with him. I really do believe we will! We taught a lot of member lessons this week, and really strived to give stronger commitments to them so they can invite friends or family over to meet with us. We have gotten one new investigator since we started this here, so it works! But we are trying to make it work better. We also were able to meet with L-- again just yesterday and we had a really good lesson with her about the plan of salvation. The plan of salvation is one of my favorite things to talk about, and it clearly was one of hers too. She really enjoyed it. And she has really been doing her homework lately! She has been studying a lot, and it's really cool to see her motivation. Maybe she will even be able to boost up her baptismal date from June 18th!  Because she really does seem ready, but we will continue to see how she feels about all of this. 

Being a trainer is interesting haha I really enjoy it, but at the same time it's so difficult. His name is Elder B--. He is a great elder, and has a really hard time with speaking up or even opening his mouth period. I really can put myself in my trainer's shoes, Elder Johnson, because when he first got me, going into a French area, I didn't say anything like, ever! He was probably really frustrated with me! And yes sometimes I do get frustrated--but every time, I get that humbling remembrance of when I was a newbie and didn't open my mouth. And I know he will grow over time, and will be a great missionary. I'm definitely excited for this next couple transfers with him, this is the best area to be trained in for sure, so we both are very lucky! And this past week I've learned a lot about myself and myself as a missionary. Some good things and some things that I can improve on for sure, and I'm excited to work on those things. 

General Conference was so insanely good. Jeffrey R. Holland's talk to finish conference was sooooo good. Right when he said amen I said out loud "oh my word that was SOOOO good" and the 10 or so people that were there just ignored me hahaha I probably shouldn't have said it out loud but I thought it was that amazing. There was one member though that did lean forward and pretty much shouted, "I know, right??" So I wasn't alone! Haha it was funny. Some days my filter just doesn't exist but it adds a little spice to my life. 

One of my favorite things I got out of general conference was a talk in the priesthood session that talked about following Jesus Christ. Not word for word, but I remember him saying "the best way to lead people to Jesus Christ is to be the best follower of Jesus Christ." And that's so simple but so cool at the same time, because if we truly do follow our Savior as best as we can we will bring others closer to him as well. Because Christ was the ultimate missionary. So follow Jesus Christ the best that you can so you can accomplish the Lord's work by bringing others closer to him. 

I love you all and will keep you updated on the health thing. Love you!