Wednesday, August 16, 2017

August 14, 2017

Yeah--the family we had dinner with yesterday is way cool. They are the best. 

Well this week was pretty crazy! We had so many exchanges so I hardly was even in Nashua, but throughout the Zone we had some awesome miracles. I went to Lowell for the first exchange and it's a pretty big city so it was really fun! We made it a goal to be uncomfortable the whole day, like trying to talk to everyone even if they are behind a closed fence, or if you see movement in a house go and knock on sounds kind of creepy but it's not bad.  But yeah we were walking and we saw this mom playing tennis with her young daughter in the driveway and so it's always awkward to interrupt people's activities but we went for it anyway and we started talking with her and she literally was the coolest person ever, like super well put together, very successful career, but still is struggling and she said "Man, it's like the craziest thing you guys came over....actually kind of weird".  So I was like, "A good kind of weird?" And she explained that yes it was a good weird and that she just barely started her journey to find more spirituality in her life but didn't know where to find it. She said she also was looking for a church that was family friendly. She cried most of the time we were there too, especially as we showed the Prince of Peace video. When we were walking away from the appointment it was honestly kind of a sacred we weren't supposed to even be in that part of town at that time and we were going to park at a different street, etc. It was honestly crazy to see how the Lord helped guide us to her. I wish sooo bad I could have stayed there to teach her, but she is so awesome! Those experiences are so cool to look back on and see how we honestly seemed like the Lord's puppets haha like we were just there and were guided without knowing it. 

I then went on exchange with Elder Mann--he's an Elder I live with and so it was pretty ordinary, people just being people and not really listening, and then we ran into this guy named C-- and he's a black guy from the south but he claims he's from Utah.  He said he lived there for 20 years. He then explained the only reason he didn't join the church when he was there was because of the doctrine of baptisms for the we taught him that and cleared up confusion. Haha it was so bizarre but literally he's like the coolest guy! He told us he graduated from institute multiple times too and has taken all the discussions and would go to firesides all the time, and he said he knows Jeffrey R. Holland.  Hahaha I promise this guy isn't nuts--like he really knows a lot. We are meeting with him again this week. Pretty random but it was cool! Baptisms for the gets a lot of people confused. Classic. 

Anyways. The week was pretty slow other than that, we just tried hard to get people at church and we had 3 come actually which was pretty cool! And our investigator R-- came again and he keeps hinting at joining the church.....but then he tells us not to push him too much hahaha he's such a funny guy. 

Transfers came and I'll be leaving Nashua for the last little bit. I knew it was happening, President told me. So it's not really a surprise, but yeah I'm going to Peterborough literally in the same zone! I'm really excited. I get to be co-training a missionary until I leave so I'm excited to help him out as best as I can. 

Honestly it's just crazy, everything that's happening, I can't believe I only have 1 more P-day. The past 3 months in this area has been the biggest blessing, it has pushed me harder than I ever have before with being in the Boston mission for half a transfer, and then merging the Zone from the Boston mission to ours, and all the things we've been able to do while here. The mission really has taught me a lot and in this area I think one of the biggest things I've learned is patience. It's ok to slow down and make sure everything is in its proper place and what I'm supposed to be doing, and it's ok that the people around me are imperfect because I'm more imperfect than they are. I've always struggled with patience, and I still do, but I think the plan of salvation would have ended at the very beginning if it wasn't for the patience of Heavenly Father. He knew we would make so many mistakes coming to earth, and we would constantly ask him to help us and forgive us, and then we would turn around and do it again over and over again! Honestly I've said so many prayers to Heavenly Father and asked him how he has so much patience for his children haha--like a lot. Because I'm so impatient with them sometimes! Especially myself. But it's ok as long as we are working on it then we will improve. And I actually do think I'm improving with my patience even though it's been a small improvement, but the improvement is what counts and I owe it all to Christ. Hopefully he can keep helping me haha. 

Anyways I just ranted a lot so I'll stop. But I love you guys and I can't wait to see you soon! Last email coming at ya live next week. Love you bye!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 7, 2017

Hey, sorry, I definitely owe you a good email this week! I'll try. 

Well--yup so the kidney stone is doing fine. I passed it the same day. Holy cow it was like the worst thing I've ever had to go through hahaha and mom!...l I have like 1 soda a week, and it's been like that for like 8 months! I've been doing good but yeah it really got me. Sorry Jared. I know what you feel like. 

The past 2 weeks have been pretty exciting! So we get this referral named R--, and so we go to contact him and no one was there. So a few days later we decided to call him and see if he is still interested in getting a Bible, and he was, so we set up an appointment to go see him the next night. We had a priest-aged kid with us the next night (he was teaching with us) and we go to see R-- and he wasn't home again. So we called him while we were on his doorstep and he answers and in tears and a way-shaky voice he says, "I crashed my motorcycle into a kid and I think I broke my leg please come to the park!" ..... k alright so we headed over there and he's just like laying in the bushes grabbing his leg and his motorcycle is laying to the side of him and he explained he was coming back to his house to meet with us and then a kid ran into the middle of the road and he hit the kid and launched himself off of the motorcycle and wrecked himself. His brother pulled up and we helped him up and got him into his brother's car. Hahaha man I shouldn't be laughing but it honestly was really funny because the priest we were with was so shocked and just terrified and then after we helped R-- into the car with tears running down his face he looks at me and says, "Can you come back over tomorrow?" Hahaha so we said, "Sure! Of course, if you'll be alright by then." It turns out he broke his leg in 4 different places. But he still kept the appointment the next day--it was priceless. R-- is a good guy. We are going to wheel him to church on Sunday in his wheelchair. He lives like 1 minute from the church. Haha the poor priest we were with....honestly, it was so funny. Good stuff!

So we have really been working on rebuilding our teaching pool because we have a few great people, but not nearly enough so we've been working on that. It's always a frustrating process doing that but it will pay off and get back to running really well.

We have this less-active we are working with--his name is Brother J- and he has no leg and has struggled with coming to church because he was just really nervous to go back, knows it's a struggle for him to move around, hasn't been in over 2 years, etc. But he finally came! We tried so hard to commit him to come for like 3 months and he finally came.....the thing is he's perfectly worthy, and because of his disability people have been bringing him the sacrament at his house but since he is coming to church now he's ok to exercise priesthood. So it was a really cool experience for me because less-active work has been a problem for me my whole mission, I feel like I've worked with so many people who were sooo close to coming but never really made the final push. But Brother J-- did, and what made it truly a cool experience was I got to push him in his wheelchair around to pass the sacrament to the congregation. He was so happy to be able to do that again, and for me it was just way sweet to be able to participate. 

I also was able to participate in a baby blessing! First time I've ever stood in on one. It was different, and the baby started to lose its mind mid-blessing. First time for everything! The past couple weeks have been good, we've taught a lot and found a lot, just trying to rebuild! 

Love you guys! See you soon.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

July 31, 2017

Hey thanks for the clubs!! That was a sweet email to get. Sometimes I
act entitled to stuff when I shouldn't be, sorry about that. They look
way sweet though. And yeah Trevor comes home this week and same with
Big Red! They are all coming home ha it's weird. But hey I guess it's
coming up for me too. I don't know if it was like this for you, but it
just doesn't seem very real ha like it just seems like it will be
another transfer. Oh well! I'm excited though. I love being a
missionary but definitely excited to see everyone again and get back
to life. And wow you're pretty far! Keep it up!

Hey also this email is for mom because I don't have like any time to
write, I know I'm lame, and she'll probably be mad at me but I
promise I'll send a good email next week. One thing though--so we were
driving back from a meeting and all of a sudden there was a big thud
on top of the car and I was so confused so I pulled over and saw my
iPad laying in the road....I left it on the roof! It was actually ok,
but I had to get the screen fixed because it has like my whole mission
on it. Definitely sucked to have that happen. Also, I had to spend a
little money the past 2 weeks because some of our investigators didn't
have clothes for church and my clothes didn't fit them so if you see
I'm a little lower than normal, that's why. Gotta go but love you and
thanks again for the clubs! I'm excited to see you guys in a few