Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 22, 2016

What's up, everybody!

Dang this week flew by. I can't believe it's already Monday again. But
when I look back on it a lot of things happened. So I taught my first
zone meeting this week and it went good. Well, I felt like I was just a
broken record up there teaching, just saying the same thing over and
over again but they all said it was good so hey I'll just go off of
what they said. But yeah it was a good meeting, I learned a lot from
studying for it. I feel like the teacher learns a lot more than the
class or whoever you're teaching. But yeah so that happened. I'm glad
it's over, but I'm excited to do it again and now that I know what to
expect I feel like it will go a lot smoother.

Also this week my companion Elder Iverson really hurt his ankle.
It's not broken, but there is a lot of damage, it's literally the
fattest thing I've ever seen and it's like straight purple. Sooooo
I've been going crazy the past few days, but the assistants had my
back and I was able to go on splits with them for a little bit of
those days so it ended up ok, and we were able to teach our lessons we
had planned so it worked. But when a companion gets sick or injured,
which I'm sure Jared or dad have experienced, it's not good.

Well anyways on a happier note, our investigators this week: we
can start with J--. So J-- is nervous to get baptized and wants to
bump it back a little bit which is completely ok, so we are now able
to have a little more cushion time to teach him the lessons. We taught
him once this week, and it's always fun teaching him. He's so
interested. We use object lessons with him and E--, and I like
teaching that way better. It adds a lot of fun to it. B-- and E--
and S--, or aka the R-- family, they are doing very well. B-- is
a hard-headed Christian lady, but she loves the church. She loves the
people, and the missionaries, so we gave her a commitment this week.
We committed her for the next few weeks, we will teach her twice a
week and she will go into it open minded, and to doubt her doubts
before she doubts anything else. And she accepted! And this week we
saw a massive change in her--it has been so cool. She told us she is
90% sure she wants to baptized.....last Saturday she told us she would
never join. So there has been quite a change! The Holy Ghost is the
coolest thing ever. It's been fun to see the change.

That's really the only update I have on investigators, they are dong
ok, but we are now spending a lot of time on finding and finding in
Manchester. It is something else let me tell you. Some people here are
insane. But it always makes for a good story.

Sorry, fam, I don't have too much time, but I love you all! Have a good
day! And a good week. ✌️

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aug. 15, 2016

Hey everybody!!

Well I love Bedford. It's a little weird, but I'm learning a lot. The
city is kind of crazy, but it always makes for a fun day. We taught a
lot of lessons this week to our investigators and less actives. We
have 5 progressing investigators right now, the Ryan family, Emiel and
Jared. Jared is a freaking stud. He is so fun to teach. He's 12 years
old, and every commitment we leave, he does it and to prove that he's
done it, he writes a report on what the Holy Ghost taught him. We set
a baptismal date with him for the 27th of August. So coming up! We are
going to have to teach him a lot until that day, but we have put out a
plan so it will work out just fine. They are Hispanic, and the Dad
grew up a couple hours away from Tampico. I don't remember what it was
called, nor could I pronounce it but I'll try to figure that out and
get back to him.

We get invited to members' houses for dinner a decent amount, but we are 

working on that right now. We are getting a meal coordinator so it will
change soon!

I don't think I've told you this for a while but Mom I always
appreciate your testimony, I love hearing it! Or reading it.... same
thing. And I feel like I haven't given my appreciation for my mission
in a while to you guys. I love my mission. It has been the best thing
for me, and I feel like I'm growing a lot, it's so fun to see people
change. And it's fun to see that no matter how smart anyone is, or how
good they are with their words, or how mean they are, I know that
Christ's church has been restored. Not because other people told me but
because I have received my own answer. So when someone tells me
otherwise, it's sad but it makes me happy as well because I'm so
grateful that I know the truth for MYSELF and have it in my life to
guide me back to my Father in Heaven and to be with all of you as

Love you fam! Have a good week. Don't get sunburned. August is


Elder Webb

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 8, 2016

Hey, fam!

Dang. My new area is way cool. It's fun being back in a city. So many
people! Except they are white. LOL.  But there is a lot of potential
here. My companion is way cool too, we really get along. He's been out
for 19 months. And to make it even weirder I have 2 other companions.
Technically. They are pretty much traveling assistants, but they work
out of our place, and they join us every now and again. They go home
in about a week so it's been interesting. They have been out twice as
long as I have haha it's been humbling being with these elders. They
have all been assistants (besides my comp) and are really solid guys.
I really look up to them.

Sooooo our investigators. We are teaching a couple of kids. One is named
J-- and he's 12. He is a stud. We are helping him to get
baptized hopefully this transfer. The next kid is 10 and his name is
E--. He is from a family with members, but they aren't very active.
The dad is trying to come back so he can baptize his son and we are
going through the lessons. Our other investigators that are really
solid, are a little family. B--, the mom, E-- and S-- her 2
daughters. Single mom, and she is amazing. She taught gospel
principles yesterday. It was amazing! She taught on charity. She and
her daughters are really great. This area really does have a lot of
potential so I'm excited to learn more and more!

Sorry I don't have a ton of time to write. It's been short and crazy
today. I'm not good at writing haha.  

Love you everyone, have a good week!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 2, 2016

Hello Brother and Sister Webb!

My husband and I live in the Wolfeboro Branch and I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for sharing your amazing son with us. We were sad to say goodbye to him last night but we know he'll be a great blessing to the people in Bedford. It has been fun to watch him grow and serve here for such a long time. My family has been so blessed to spend time with him.  I feel bad that I only have one picture, but I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures when we're enjoying ourselves. The picture is from back in May with my husband Ben and oldest daughter, Julia. Elder Webb has such a great spirit and testimony. I work in the primary and he has come in a few times to help us with Sharing Time by sharing a scripture story. His testimony touches us all and the kids love to hear the stories of the scriptures from him.

A few months ago he and Elder Washburn challenged our family to find someone they could teach. We set a date of June 12 to have a discussion with an investigator. We have a lot of non-member friends and neighbors here, but a woman named Dorina, who I didn't know very well, kept coming to my mind. I told Elder Webb and Washburn about her and I know they started praying for her, as did my girls and husband and I. We didn't meet our original date, but finally introduced Dorina to your son on July 8th. It was a casual meeting at a restaurant and I was worried that it wouldn't be enough to get her interested in hearing more. But she texted me that night saying that she could feel their amazing spirit and she was so touched by their testimony and willingness to spend 2 years away from family and friends just teaching about Jesus Christ. She wanted to know how to teach her teenage daughters that kind of faith and devotion to Christ. The very next day Dorina found herself facing some very difficult trials and she reached out to us, hoping we could offer some comfort and direction that she couldn't find anywhere else. I know the Lord's had was in that timing. Since then, Elder Webb has been so great at helping Dorina understand the gospel and what it has to offer. She has told me over and over how much he has touched her heart and said the right things at the right time. Last night your son challenged her to be baptized and she accepted. The Spirit was so strong in the room. I'm sad that he won't be able to be here for the baptism, but I wanted you to know that he played an essential role in helping her begin to grow a testimony. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lord kept him here in our branch for so many transfers so that he could share his amazing testimony with Dorina.

Again, I just wanted to thank you for sharing him with us. He's so wonderful to talk to and we have loved all our conversations with him. And he's been so patient with us and some of our crazier dinner plans, like at the park in the rain, or teaching Dorina at the beach. (We're currently in a hotel because our house purchase has been delayed). My girls all have enjoyed getting to know him and their favorite family nights have been when the missionaries come to dinner.

By the way, I grew up in Highland and went to Lone Peak. My parents and youngest sister still live there so if you ever run into the Stoddards, you can say hi :)

I hope you guys have a great week. If you ever come out to New Hampshire, we would love to meet you!

August 1, 2016

Hey everyone!

I've played that spikeball game and it's not even cool! Just kidding. It 
kind of is but it can't replace cricket. 
I'm glad Lindsey and Dallin had a good time in Utah! 

Well this week was a really good week, we had exchange again with the
district leaders and it was fun. I was with Elder Luu and he's like my
best friend ha we are very similar. I've been around him my whole
mission so we've had a lot of time to get along! And then Elder
Washburn and I, afterwards, had a lot of lessons. We taught D-- our
new investigator and she is golden. She wants to be baptized! So we
are setting a date tonight with her. G-- is doing good, we taught him
a few times and it went well! The real crazy thing that happened this
week was with N-- and she is really progressing now. We taught her a
few times this week and they were crazy lessons. Usually it's really
hard to keep her focused but this week she listened perfectly! And she
came to church and loved it! Hopefully she will commit to a date soon

So the bad news is I'm getting transferred. Well not bad news, but I'm
kinda sad. I love Wolfeboro. I was there for a really long time
though, so a change of scenery will probably be good. I'm going to be
going to Bedford, New Hampshir--even closer to Lindsey and Dallin lol. I
will be zone leader! I have no idea why because I haven't even been
district leader but I'm not the one to receive the revelation I guess.
Even though I still have my questions! I'm going to be around a lot of
older missionaries and President, so I expect to learn a
lot. I'm excited! Kinda nervous, but more excited. It will be very
different than Wolfeboro, it's a big city. But it will be a good

President told me when I go to areas he wants me to stay there
for a really long time. So I'm guessing I will be there for a long
time! Haha who knows, but that makes me happy. I HATE having too much
change. Still not used to it. Slowly but surely. But I'm happy I get
another chance to grow in a different position! I'm humbled and have a
lot of questions, and A LOT to learn but it will be fun. I feel like I
grew so much in Wolfeboro and I will always be grateful for the chance
I had to serve here. I honestly wouldn't mind living in Wolfeboro, so
mom don't get mad if I decide to someday.

I love you fam! I'll have a lot to update next week, I'm sure. Have a good week!

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