Thursday, August 25, 2016

August 22, 2016

What's up, everybody!

Dang this week flew by. I can't believe it's already Monday again. But
when I look back on it a lot of things happened. So I taught my first
zone meeting this week and it went good. Well, I felt like I was just a
broken record up there teaching, just saying the same thing over and
over again but they all said it was good so hey I'll just go off of
what they said. But yeah it was a good meeting, I learned a lot from
studying for it. I feel like the teacher learns a lot more than the
class or whoever you're teaching. But yeah so that happened. I'm glad
it's over, but I'm excited to do it again and now that I know what to
expect I feel like it will go a lot smoother.

Also this week my companion Elder Iverson really hurt his ankle.
It's not broken, but there is a lot of damage, it's literally the
fattest thing I've ever seen and it's like straight purple. Sooooo
I've been going crazy the past few days, but the assistants had my
back and I was able to go on splits with them for a little bit of
those days so it ended up ok, and we were able to teach our lessons we
had planned so it worked. But when a companion gets sick or injured,
which I'm sure Jared or dad have experienced, it's not good.

Well anyways on a happier note, our investigators this week: we
can start with J--. So J-- is nervous to get baptized and wants to
bump it back a little bit which is completely ok, so we are now able
to have a little more cushion time to teach him the lessons. We taught
him once this week, and it's always fun teaching him. He's so
interested. We use object lessons with him and E--, and I like
teaching that way better. It adds a lot of fun to it. B-- and E--
and S--, or aka the R-- family, they are doing very well. B-- is
a hard-headed Christian lady, but she loves the church. She loves the
people, and the missionaries, so we gave her a commitment this week.
We committed her for the next few weeks, we will teach her twice a
week and she will go into it open minded, and to doubt her doubts
before she doubts anything else. And she accepted! And this week we
saw a massive change in her--it has been so cool. She told us she is
90% sure she wants to baptized.....last Saturday she told us she would
never join. So there has been quite a change! The Holy Ghost is the
coolest thing ever. It's been fun to see the change.

That's really the only update I have on investigators, they are dong
ok, but we are now spending a lot of time on finding and finding in
Manchester. It is something else let me tell you. Some people here are
insane. But it always makes for a good story.

Sorry, fam, I don't have too much time, but I love you all! Have a good
day! And a good week. ✌️

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