Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 23, 2016

Hey fam!
When I think of what has made my mission and
what has changed my life is simply my attitude. I remember Connor
Copeland telling me "attitude is everything" and it's so true! No
matter what mission you're in. Whether you baptize all the time or
whether you never get a baptism it's all about attitude and then when
you have a positive outlook then your eyes open a little more like
Heavenly Father's. And it also becomes fun. If you have a bad attitude
it will effect the work, which will mean less people to teach,
baptize, and create relationships with which then leads to your
mission becoming disappointing. It all starts with attitude. It
seriously has done so much for me, and I've loved my mission. 

Attitude is everything! And also if you don't have faith in yourself when it
comes to teaching or learning the language then it will take you so
long to learn. Ether 12:12:  It's one of my favorites! 

This week was such a good week for a lot of reasons. First off
L-- passed her interview! So she will be ready this next weekend
to be baptized! We are way excited. We have met with her a couple
times this week to get in the last few lessons and she is doing great. May 28

put it on your calendars! Mom I think it would be cool if
you could write her a note or something about her being baptized and
send it to her. Whatever you want to do, but just a thought if you
would like to.

I think the coolest thing about this week was we had the chance to be
with Elder Rasband. He came to our mission and the past few days we've
been able to spend it with him at stake conference, the adult session,
and a mission conference and it's been crazy. What else makes it crazy
is that his grandson is one of my friends from high school, Elder
Chase (who is in this mission too). So it was fun to see them together
and hang out. We've done a lot of driving in between Wolfeboro and
Concord the past few days so I'm way sick of cars but it's still been
good haha.

We also had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy with us too,
and he is the newest Seventy member in the church. He was way cool too. All
I have to say is those guys are inspired and I've always had a
testimony in the leaders of this church, but since I've had the chance
to be with them personally for the past few days hearing them speak
and testify of their "special witness" really solidifies any doubts.
Especially Elder Rasband's. I know without a doubt he is an apostle of
the Lord. Whenever Elder Rasband talked about his "special witness" he
always started crying, and to me it made me think that since he has
been called he's probably seen some incredible things. It's way cool
how humble these leaders are, as well! They are so down to earth.

It was a crazy weekend! We have been way busy lately with meeting with
G-- and L-- and that's pretty much it. We've tried to stop by
our other investigators but not really any luck this week, but it was
still an incredible week.

This morning we went on a hike to the Castle in the Clouds (look it up
on google it's way famous apparently...?) and it was so cool. We went
with Brother Walker, a member of our branch, and he's like 75 and uses
arm crutches and he flies like an eagle up mountains I totally was
winded trying to keep up with him. But the view was amazing! We could
see all of Lake Winnepasakee and it's massive. It was cool.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 16, 2016

Hey fam!

Man this week was a great week. We are totally in a rush now for
L--'s baptism since it's less than 2 weeks away now, so we are
trying to teach her all the lessons before it, and we have to cram a
lot! But it's a good stress. We are so excited for her! She will be
interviewed this week so let's hope it goes well! 

But also G-- is fixing his house situation, so now he is able to Improve! 
We met with him about 3 times this week and are really trying to be in contact
with him daily to help him progress as much as possible. We also had 4
investigators come to church this week too which was really cool,
K--, D--, J-- (D--'s friend) and L--, and K-- and D--
are also doing very well. They hopefully will have baptismal dates
before this next week. D-- said he totally wants to become Mormon
hahaha so he's cool. 

But yeah things are going well. My new companion
is Elder Washburn, and he's way cool. We have a lot of fun, but he is
very diligent, as well, so I love it! We have had a way good week and we
were so busy. I'm sorry it's so short this week but we are at District

P day so I'm jumping from emails to basketball and I realized I'm
running out of time, but I love you all so much. Thanks for being such
great examples to me and especially for the prayers. I wish I could
have seen Jared, Lindsey and Dallin when Jared flew out to Boston
to spend time with Linds and Dallin, but yeah I couldn't, but I heard they
 had fun which is way cool. New England is the best so of course they 
had fun! Love you, fam!

Btw I went golfing and my swing hasn't skipped a beat. It was awesome.
Oh and I saw a bear! Kinda crazy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 9, 2016

Hey everyone! Yeah it was good to talk to you all yesterday. It was
great! And it went by way too fast. But it always does. The people's
house we were at are some of my favorite people I've served around on
my mission. They are so cool! And yeah they treat us super well. We
love going to the Burkes'. 

Well, I updated you yesterday on everyone
pretty much, except for L-- we had a lesson with her after we
Skyped and her baptismal date will be bumped up! That will be cool
cause I will be able to be at the baptism. And I've been there to
teach her all the lessons too! So it's been cool teaching her. We are
very excited! 

Well, love you fam! Have a good week! Thanks for
everything, oh especially the package. It's awesome! I love getting

Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hey, fam! 

I don't know yet when I will be skyping! I'll be able to let you know beforehand of when to expect the call! And thank you for the package! I'm excited to get it! My address is PO Box 15 Wolfeboro Falls,  New Hampshire 03894.  I can't believe Nick and Sarah are married hahahahahaha that's so dang funny. I'm way happy for them! And I totally take credit for it. 

This week was an interesting week. The first few days we were on exchange with the zone leaders and it was great. Our zone leaders are way cool so it's always fun being with them. We have transfers this upcoming week and I don't know if I already told you that President said I'll be staying in Wolfeboro so I'm really really happy about that. And thanks for the prayers for Elder Bates! This week was also interesting because we have a meal calendar that has members signed up to feed us, and this last week we didn't have any meals because the calendar ran out, and since it was the end of the month my card ran out too, so I ate some pretty nasty food! Mostly canned food and it was pretty horrible.

The work was really slow this week. We met with G-- and it's same old same old. Nothing has changed. It's frustrating! But there's not a lot we can do unless he chooses to act for himself. L-- is doing great! She read about 6 chapters from the Book of Mormon this week and it blew my mind how much she understood. She is really doing well. We met with K-- and D-- (the two people that came to church) and we taught them the plan of salvation and it went good! We aren't quite sure how they will progress yet but they are super nice and willing to meet so hopefully the Spirit will touch them! 

I'm excited to talk with you this Sunday! I love you! Have a good week!