Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 26, 2016

Hey fam!

Well not much to update you on since we just talked yesterday but I
hope you enjoyed Christmas! I definitely did. It was great talking to
you all and I definitely was treated well by the members. Love you
guys I'll send a long one next week!

Our FaceTime conversation on Christmas was great!  Cam is doing well, as you can see!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey fam!

This week was a crazy week, tons of snow and wind and a lot of service. It started with us taking some shifts at Bass Pro Shops gift wrapping and man it was sooooo stressful. A lot of ladies would come up to me and expect perfection and worst of all to do it speedily and man I was sweating but the sister missionaries said I did fine so I'm going with it but it was a lot of fun too! 

We talked with a lot of really cool people and obviously we had to be really careful with proselyting so not too much inviting but it was good to get out in the community where missionaries never really go. I think it opened a lot of people's eyes that we are normal people--we just care a lot about what we share. And we dress like it's church every day hahaha but it was cool. 

We also had our booth on Main Street in Manchester and it was really cool. The days we did it were freezing so we were afraid that people wouldn't stop or that they wouldn't be there in the first place but it actually went really well and someone even became a new investigator from it. It has been a different feel this week because we have never done service like this before but also just not as much "proselyting" but it's been really successful and fun to see how our different talents were able to come together to make some cool things happen. 

We were able to teach P-- a few times this week and she's doing great, she and her family came to church and are really progressing. The ward is pretty excited about them all coming back to church and P-- getting baptized. Let's hope it all works out! Other than that we didn't teach that much this week. It was still good though, and the Christmas service and meetings will continue this next week but we think we will still have a good proselyting week because we have a few appointments set up. 

Sorry this email wasn't too long, but with face timing on Christmas I'm thinking like 5 pm my time. Things shouldn't change. But hopefully that works out for you guys. Excited to talk to you all! Have a good week!

P.S. We caroled at a retirement home. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016

Well this week was a good week! It seemed to have gone pretty slow,
though, it was pretty cold here with a lot of wind haha and today we
got at least 5 or 6 inches! Which is fun, but driving is pretty crazy
here already so throwing snow in that mix makes it war.

So there is a family that we work with that has just come back to
activity, they are pretty new to the church even though they were
baptized years ago. They stopped going pretty quick after they were
baptized but now they want to come back, and they have a kid named
P--that we teach because she isn't baptized. It's been way fun
teaching a kid haha--she's 9 years old and is really smart, but I'm so
used to teaching older people that it's easy to forget how to teach
simply! So, it's been good for me. She loses focus pretty quick so
Eder Holt and I usually have to use her stuffed animals during the
lesson to keep her focused, or else we act out things. It's been
pretty funny during some lessons hahaha but we set a baptismal date
with her for January 7th. We have talked with the bishop to help
the Dad be able to baptize her-- it's still in the works but she will
be baptized either way and we are really excited. 

They are a funny family haha--it's fun to see people change as they 
grow closer to the
gospel, and they definitely have. The dad is reading the scriptures a
lot more, and P-- is now as well, the kids version of the Book of
Mormon. They try really hard to understand everything--it's fun
to see. So that was something that happened this week. We also met
with A-- and she's not doing very well, she just isn't keeping
commitments and it's been frustrating because she will come to all the
ward activities but not church.  It''s ok, she will come eventually, but
it has been slow progress.

So this week we still ran around like chickens with our heads cut off
trying to get this dang booth set up for the Light the World
initiative and we finally got permission from the city so we will be
doing it this weekend and next. It will be pretty cool, we have a lot
of stuff planned so next Monday I'll have pictures hopefully. Also we
are gift wrapping at Bass Pro Shops this week, too, and that will be
interesting because I am the absolute worst at wrapping (I know the
family can testify). But I'll figure it out as I go or else I'll be an
amazing supervisor and just try to talk to people too. It will be a
lot of fun.

Love you fam! Have a good week! It's finally looking like Christmas--
hopefully there is snow in Utah. I'll see you in a couple weeks!

Elder Webb

Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 5, 2016

Wow, looks like a fun trip! Hey Cabo San Lucas is a good place, I spent
a few hours there on that fishing trip! Tell Grandma and Grandpa I
said Happy Anniversary. Tell Gary I said he needs to shave haha

Well this week was really bizarre, my companion and I have been trying
to get this booth idea set up for Main Street in Manchester to promote
this #lighttheworld initiative, and holy cow the city makes you go
through so much stuff to get it set up haha we have ran around so much
trying to get it ready. So much paper work, signatures, materials,
etc. The first stack of papers they made us go through ended up being
the wrong ones so we had to start over and we got sent to the public
works building and went through all of their paper work, and then told
us we had to go back to city hall to do it through them because of
certain steps we needed to comp and I have been trying to
stay off soda and we were successful for a while until they sent us
back to city hall that last time. I went straight to a gas station and
bought a 44 oz mtn dew haha It was sooo needed. And it tasted amazing.
We were pretty frustrated but hey we have it all sorted out now and
are ready to go this next weekend!

We were able to proselyte a little bit this week though, and it was a
little slow but our ward here puts on a super cool event with
nativities set up all over the gym and we were able to get a few of
our investigators to come. A-- and M-- especially loved it. I'll
put some pictures on to show you what it was like. Some of the
nativities were incredible--like thousands of dollars from what we
heard. I think the highlight of the week though was meeting with J--
and talking with him. He is so cool! He bore a testimony to us pretty
much and just told us how grateful he was for us meeting with him and
stuff. He told us he is moving to Alabama for a month but while he's
there he wants to have Skype lessons and read from the Book of Mormon
with him and go through the lessons. It was really cool and totally
needed haha--this week was pretty slow--so we are glad we had a really
good highlight to it still.

Oh, by the way, transfer calls happened and I'm staying again with Elder
Holt. 3 transfers together haha it will be great. Two 6-month areas in a
row. I'm grateful for that because packing is the worst haha and I
love Bedford and Manchester. It will be interesting being in a city
for winter again. Driving in New England is the worst literally
everyone uses their horns basicallyas much as the brake pedal 

so when it comes to winter it gets even
crazier. But I'm really excited to see what happens with our
investigators this next transfer. Love you guys! 

Have a good week!

November 28, 2016

Well this week was cool, it was definitely slower but man, Thanksgiving
was crazy. So the assistants and Elder Holt and I had a contest to
see who could gain the most weight on Thanksgiving because we had 3
dinners lined up......I won--lol I gained 7 pounds! I ate a ton of food
holy cow I regretted it that night just being so full, but the next day
I was fine. It was a good day with a lot of good food.

We had a slower week proselyting just because most people were out of
town for the holiday and then Elder Holt got the stomach
there is just nothing worse than being sick as a missionary or when
your companion is sick. It's so boring! I did a lot of chores--holy cow
mom you would be sooo proud. But he's feeling a lot better luckily so
we will be able to proselyte this upcoming week. Our investigators are
doing ok though, and now they are coming back in town so we will be
able to meet with them.

Sorry that there isn't too much to update on but I do have some
pictures of the families we ate with. Have a good week!