Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey fam!

This week was a crazy week, tons of snow and wind and a lot of service. It started with us taking some shifts at Bass Pro Shops gift wrapping and man it was sooooo stressful. A lot of ladies would come up to me and expect perfection and worst of all to do it speedily and man I was sweating but the sister missionaries said I did fine so I'm going with it but it was a lot of fun too! 

We talked with a lot of really cool people and obviously we had to be really careful with proselyting so not too much inviting but it was good to get out in the community where missionaries never really go. I think it opened a lot of people's eyes that we are normal people--we just care a lot about what we share. And we dress like it's church every day hahaha but it was cool. 

We also had our booth on Main Street in Manchester and it was really cool. The days we did it were freezing so we were afraid that people wouldn't stop or that they wouldn't be there in the first place but it actually went really well and someone even became a new investigator from it. It has been a different feel this week because we have never done service like this before but also just not as much "proselyting" but it's been really successful and fun to see how our different talents were able to come together to make some cool things happen. 

We were able to teach P-- a few times this week and she's doing great, she and her family came to church and are really progressing. The ward is pretty excited about them all coming back to church and P-- getting baptized. Let's hope it all works out! Other than that we didn't teach that much this week. It was still good though, and the Christmas service and meetings will continue this next week but we think we will still have a good proselyting week because we have a few appointments set up. 

Sorry this email wasn't too long, but with face timing on Christmas I'm thinking like 5 pm my time. Things shouldn't change. But hopefully that works out for you guys. Excited to talk to you all! Have a good week!

P.S. We caroled at a retirement home. 

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