Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017

Hey guys!

Well, this week was good! Sad news, but I'm getting transferred. I'mexcited though! It will be a whole new adventure for me. 

Our mission boundaries are changing and we are getting a new stake here, and
President said I will be the zone leader to open it up! No one really
knows anything about it, even President said I'm basically on my own! I am getting a Boston missionary as my companion for 3
weeks and technically getting mission transferred but then I'll be
back lol,  I have the 3 weeks to transfer our area book
electronically and then to learn my area and zone and then I'll get a
new companion. President said I will become his new best friend so I'm
guessing I'll be talking with him a lot ha it is going to get crazy
but it's ok-- it's good for me, I'm glad I'll be kept on my toes for my
last 2 transfers.

Not a ton happened this week, the JSM was unreal with A—though, he
loved it so much! That place is so cool to go to, I'll definitely miss
being in Vermont. 

We met with T-- again.  She is just about to finish 2 Nephi.  She
will be baptized, just not sure when. Hopefully soon! Man I have no
idea what to write about haha I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about
next week.

Love you guys! I'd love some prayers, too! Have a good week!

 The Bishop's family


Ben and Jerry's!

Aunt Miriam's brother-in-law who
used to be Bishop in the ward Cam was sent
to in New Hampshire!  He went looking for Cam
when he found out he was in the Nashua area!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

Hey! It was good to talk to you guys too! I liked that it was a little
more casual ha rather than all of these pre written questions or stuff
like that but it was mostly just a conversation. I'm fine with pre
written questions! But it left a good feeling with me to just have a
normal conversation with people haha.

This week was really cool! A-- had his baptism on Friday and it was
way good! A lot of people came too and it was cool to see the ward
really support him. He even got up at the end to bear his testimony
and it made it really cool. We are going to the Joseph Smith Memorial
with him and some members,  so we are really excited about it.

Uhhhhhhhh well I talked with you guys yesterday so not a ton to report
on. Had interviews with President! Transfers coming up.....I think I'm
getting transferred. 2 left! Whatever happens I'll be ok with it.
Things are good!

Love you guys!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

Hey everyone!

By the way, mom, I can Skype you guys at like 12:45 eastern time. Does
that work?? I can get home from church pretty quickly to do it. Or
else I can do it really early but I'd prefer to do it then if

Another crazy week here in Montpelier. We taught a lot this week and
it was a really good feeling because that doesn't happen too often,
usually the majority of the time is finding! We have been working with
A-- this week to get his baptism all organized for Friday  and it's
looking like things will work out well. He's so awesome. He told us
this week all the problems he is having with his family because they
don't approve of him getting baptized. He is very open about joining
the church and defends it and is willing to sacrifice anything to be a
part of it. It's actually pretty crazy, like a lot of his family isn't
talking to him because of it, so it's pretty sad.  But I'm telling you
A-- lives by Romans 1:16  like I've never seen. "For I am not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth." Even in times of his own persecution he is
still willing to try to share the gospel. Definitely a big example to

We taught our investigator B-- and he has a lot of really good
questions and has really good insights. This week he said "Well, when a
church receives persecution like Christ did, that's when I can see
truth in it." So we gave him the Prophet of the Restoration to watch
and he has already watched it at least 2 times and told us the last
time we saw him that he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet! It was a
cool lesson to be a part of.

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial with E-- and another member
and it was unreal. That place is the best--especially taking the entire
tour and going and seeing everything around the grounds there. E--
really enjoyed it too. It was cool because on the way home he was
talking with us about serving a mission. It's funny because he said as
long as he goes to a place without vegetables he will be
fine........we let him down gently and just said there isn't a place
like that anywhere in the world. He will be alright, if I can learn to
like tomatoes than he can learn to like vegetables. He's such a goof.

Other than that, not much too report on. We had a lot of lessons but
nothing too crazy. Things are good! Love you guys!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April 30, 2017

Hey fam! 

Wow this week was a really good week, it was definitely crazy with the weather change because so many people were outside and we were able to do a lot of finding, and I'll tell you what--the people here in Vermont are awesome. It's been a while since I have had this much variety with people, all sorts of interesting stories that maybe I'll tell another day but it's been really fun! Man I have missed my short sleeves though. It is so nice to be in them again! It definitely was a grind week though, not too many people were receptive but it definitely strengthened my faith with talking to everyone.

A while ago on an exchange we found this guy named B-- and he is atheist but as we talked, we found out he grew up in Bountiful Utah for a while, and knew quite a bit about Mormons but obviously was never interested. We talked with him about what we believe and why, and it was a really good conversation respecting each others' beliefs and we went our ways, but we kept running into him on the streets! So we would chat and say hi and go on our way and finally we ran into him again the other day and he said "Hey, I was thinking that I'd like to come check out your church", so we invited him this week and he actually came and he loved it  and wants to come next week! Our recent convert, E--, was an excellent fellowshipper too which is a big part of why I think he wants to come back. Good stuff!

Honestly don't have too much time but T-- had us over for dinner so that was cool, we taught her dad and the spirit was really strong but at the end he said, "So what about Brigham Young--where does he play into this" and gave a big grin. Definitely has heard a thing or two but that's alright--hopefully he will remember the spirit he felt. Our investigator A-- is going to be baptized this next Saturday which is way cool. He is one of the coolest people I have met on my mission. Definitely lucky to have been able to work with him. 

Sorry not too much time but I'll have more time next week! Love you guys!