Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017

Hey! It was good to talk to you guys too! I liked that it was a little
more casual ha rather than all of these pre written questions or stuff
like that but it was mostly just a conversation. I'm fine with pre
written questions! But it left a good feeling with me to just have a
normal conversation with people haha.

This week was really cool! A-- had his baptism on Friday and it was
way good! A lot of people came too and it was cool to see the ward
really support him. He even got up at the end to bear his testimony
and it made it really cool. We are going to the Joseph Smith Memorial
with him and some members,  so we are really excited about it.

Uhhhhhhhh well I talked with you guys yesterday so not a ton to report
on. Had interviews with President! Transfers coming up.....I think I'm
getting transferred. 2 left! Whatever happens I'll be ok with it.
Things are good!

Love you guys!

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