Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017

Hey everyone!

By the way, mom, I can Skype you guys at like 12:45 eastern time. Does
that work?? I can get home from church pretty quickly to do it. Or
else I can do it really early but I'd prefer to do it then if

Another crazy week here in Montpelier. We taught a lot this week and
it was a really good feeling because that doesn't happen too often,
usually the majority of the time is finding! We have been working with
A-- this week to get his baptism all organized for Friday  and it's
looking like things will work out well. He's so awesome. He told us
this week all the problems he is having with his family because they
don't approve of him getting baptized. He is very open about joining
the church and defends it and is willing to sacrifice anything to be a
part of it. It's actually pretty crazy, like a lot of his family isn't
talking to him because of it, so it's pretty sad.  But I'm telling you
A-- lives by Romans 1:16  like I've never seen. "For I am not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to
every one that believeth." Even in times of his own persecution he is
still willing to try to share the gospel. Definitely a big example to

We taught our investigator B-- and he has a lot of really good
questions and has really good insights. This week he said "Well, when a
church receives persecution like Christ did, that's when I can see
truth in it." So we gave him the Prophet of the Restoration to watch
and he has already watched it at least 2 times and told us the last
time we saw him that he knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet! It was a
cool lesson to be a part of.

We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial with E-- and another member
and it was unreal. That place is the best--especially taking the entire
tour and going and seeing everything around the grounds there. E--
really enjoyed it too. It was cool because on the way home he was
talking with us about serving a mission. It's funny because he said as
long as he goes to a place without vegetables he will be
fine........we let him down gently and just said there isn't a place
like that anywhere in the world. He will be alright, if I can learn to
like tomatoes than he can learn to like vegetables. He's such a goof.

Other than that, not much too report on. We had a lot of lessons but
nothing too crazy. Things are good! Love you guys!

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