Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sept. 26, 2016


Sounds like a good week. Tell Grandma and Grandpa I said hi. Also, yes,
I know Elder Liljenquist. Well, I know who he is! I've never served
around him really but I've seen him around. 

This week was a good week. It was a tougher one, but it was good. We
have been finding about 4-5 hours a day and weren't really finding a
lot of success earlier in the week but we had a pretty cool
experience. We were looking through our potentials list on our area
book, aka 200 people, and started calling. We got to someone who went
online and requested a bible, but there was no record that he ever got
it, and he requested it back in March. So we called him and told him
we were the LDS missionaries and that we were just wondering if he had
gotten the bible, and he said no so we asked if we could come give it
to him and he said yeah. So later that evening we went and met with him
and he was way cool. He told us that when he requested the bible 7
months ago he was looking for the true church, but then when he never
got contacted he lost interest in looking again.  So that 7 month gap he
wasn't searching for a church or anything for that matter until the
weekend before we called him he started going to a local church. So he
said "it's crazy that you guys called when you did because I just
started going to church again, if you would have called me a week or
two ago I would have said no." We taught him the restoration, and
he accepted a baptismal invite. It was pretty cool to see! Crazy that
the missionaries didn't contact him, but it worked out! 

So this week we had Elder Bennett and Elder Defeaou from the Quorum of
the 70 come and visit our mission. It was a really cool experience.
Elder Bennett has some fire in him, let me tell you. And Elder Defeaou
is SO humble. It was way cool to hear from them! It made me pretty
pumped for general conference!

Love you fam, have a good week! PS fall is really kicking in. It's
crazy how fast the colors change here. The temperature dropped about
15 or 20 degrees this past week so it's been a cold one! Jk but it's
just weird to put a sweater on again. We have sweaters or coats on for
like 7 months strait. Haha but, hey, at least it's my last winter. 

Love you!

Elder Webbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 19, 2016

Hey, Fam!

This week was a good week. I got my new comp, his name is Elder Holt. So it's funny because we have been talking about being companions for like 6 transfers and it finally happened. Haha so it's been so fun. We have worked way hard to just hit the streets and find people, because our teaching pool is just lacking really hard right now, but we have found a lot of potentials and have a lesson with one tonight, so we are excited. Besides that there hasn't been a whole lot going on. We teach a lot of less actives, but we are working towards a lot more investigator lessons. 

Manchester is really not doing too well, the city is just so deep into drugs so a lot of the people we talk to are struggling, and don't really want to chat all that much but we have made some plans to find the elect and we are excited. My new companion doesn't have a bum ankle like my last so we can actually walk around a lot and talk to people #sograteful so it's been really good! But I wish I had more to update you on. 

We are promised a lot of blessings for always being obedient and serving with all our heart, might, mind and strength so we are hoping investigators will be the blessings we see haha it's been a fun week. I get along with my companion really well, and we work well together too. I know it will just take a little more patience and we will be blessed with people to teach and to help progress. 

Life is good! Love you all! Have a good week! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sept. 12, 2016

Hey fam!

So--crazy week. Probably the craziest week on my mission. Just kidding,
it easily was. So I literally don't even know where to start but I
don't have enough time to try to organize it so bear with me. So my
companion got emergency transferred. Long story short........long
story. So he is doing ok, he is in northern New Hampshire now and is
doing great. I'm still in Bedford and will be staying zone leader. And
my new companion is one of my best friends in the mission so I'm SO
pumped. Don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm so excited.
He's a way hard worker, but knows how to make it fun too so it will be
a cool transfer or hopefully longer.

So, because of this emergency transfer, Beth and Emily weren't
baptized. They wanted Elder Iverson to do it, and since he left
immediately when he got the news, they cancelled. Well actually, they
postponed. They will still be baptized but on a later date. I think I
will still be here for it so I'm really excited to see them get
baptized. But yeah spreading the word that it would be cancelled was
crazy because it was only like 4 days before it was supposed to
happen. Soooooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaa. Trust me, I've had to explain
this whole situation to EVERYONE.

So.....then after all that went down, I went on exchange with the
assistants. So the assistants are like my best friends. They have
served around me a lot, so we are really close, so going on exchange
with them was so fun but insane, because it's transfer week. Since
I'm zone leader I don't usually know transfers, or help with them
obviously, but this time I did all the above. Transfer calls were
Saturday but I did all the preparation and even participated in a
little of the transfers, so it was way cool. 

But making travel plans,and transfer calls etc, IS AWFUL. We were at 
the office until 12 or 1every night and then we still had to get up at 
6:30 or earlier. I'm running on straight fast food and Dr Pepper right now. 
Mom, I bet you're proud. And, Todd Whiting, sorry but my blood pressure is
probably way too high right now, too. I bet you're proud as well. But
yeah I'm still on exchange until tomorrow--I haven't had like any P
day, and it's already gonna end early too because we have to go get
new missionaries at the airport. And one thing we are doing, too, which
is pretty cool is all of the new missionaries are going with the "more
experienced" missionaries, and go street contacting on Main Street in
Manchester. It will be way fun! Pretty crazy. They don't know what
they are in for. Manchester is crazy, but it will be good for them!

Well that was my week, I didn't really get to proselyte in my area
that much this week, so yeah pretty much nothing happened there, but
wow, I've had a ton of fun. Probably because of my
lack of sleep, it's made me less accountable so I just laugh at a lot
more things. I hope I don't have another week like it again. My
companion had to go help a missionary out that had surgery. In case
you were wondering.  Kinda crazy, but things happen. 

Love you fam, have a good week. Be grateful you have

Love you, bye

Friday, September 9, 2016

Sept. 5, 2016

Hey, Fam!

Elder Iverson is doing well, he is still kinda down, but it's ok! It's
getting way better. E-- and B-- are doing way well! They are still
going to be baptized this Saturday, yeah. B-- got up and bore her

testimony yesterday at church and it was so cool. Super humble
testimony. E-- is doing really good too! He taught us about the
atonement this week for the lesson, it was way cool. Those 3 are
really the only ones that are doing anything right now. It really
started to slow down. Transfer week is this week and we find out what
happens, so I'm excited about that! Mostly because I know I have a
really good chance at staying, but hey, you never know!

Going to the ranch sounds fun. That's definitely something I miss but
hey it will be there before I know it. My mission is going so fast, I
feel. And Manchester is a place that's always got something going on.
This place has got some funny people haha. Some way weird things go on here 

haha. I love Bedford, though. Well, I'm almost always in Manchester but they 
both are crazy cities.  Btw I'm so jealous that you are going on a cruise. 
I've always wanted to go on one of those!

Sorry for the short email, but one thing that's been on my mind lately
is the love that Heavenly Father has for us. I was reading in Romans 8
and the last 2 verses are amazing. It says that nothing separates us
from the love of God. No matter what we do he will always love us but
I realized that it's not the same from our side. Sometimes when things
happen we choose to not love God anymore because we feel like he
doesn't love us or doesn't look out for us but that's why those verses
are so important because when we understand the reasons for trials a
lot of things change, and one of the most important things that change
is our attitude and happiness. God loves us always no matter what we
are going through, it's easy to forget sometimes but I am always
grateful for the reminder. Love you, fam!  Have a good week!

Elder Webb

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hey fam! 

Dang that was a good email mom. The other day I shared an experience about your brain tumor and surgeries, so it's been on my mind a little. Always a good reminder of God's love that he has for all of us!

Man this week was really a crazy week. Elder Iverson is still pretty man down with his ankle so it's been driving me stir crazy. I hate our apartment right now! I've been in it way too long. But it was still really cool because we saw an amazing miracle with our investigator family--the Ryan's. So Beth, the mom, has been very skeptical about baptism. But she had an amazing experience with God answering her prayers and she knows it's because of her attending church at the lLDS church and because of the amazing people that go there. She said her whole life she's been looking for a church with "true Christlike charity" and she said she knows she has found it. Her daughter Emily said she wanted to be baptized, she's 15. And not to doubt her, but we just wanted to make sure she was doing it for the right reasons and so Beth told her to tell why she was being baptized and I had never heard a testimony from a 15 year old girl that was so Christ centered, and she talked about how she sees how happy it makes her mom and she wants that for herself. She typed it all up on her phone cause she was scared to tell us, but she read it out loud and it was amazing. They are going to be baptized on the 10th of September! Just Emily and Beth. Sophia the 12 year old isn't so sure yet, but she will come around. We are way excited for them! Beth reminds me of just a normal Mormon mom. She's hard core smart so teaching her has been way fun! And hard, but mostly fun. 

Well the other people haven't done much this week. Emiel is just waiting for his dad to get the priesthood back, and he's sooo ready. But other than that it's been slow. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!! It meant a lot. It was fun to read all of the birthday emails. And thanks for the package!!! It was sooo needed. We already went to Buffalo Wild Wings, too. LOL--I love that place. Love you fam! 

Thanks for everything. 

President Hinkley's glasses!
(The mission President's wife is Gordon B.
Hinkley's granddaughter, so she has a bunch of 
his things! :)