Friday, September 9, 2016

Sept. 5, 2016

Hey, Fam!

Elder Iverson is doing well, he is still kinda down, but it's ok! It's
getting way better. E-- and B-- are doing way well! They are still
going to be baptized this Saturday, yeah. B-- got up and bore her

testimony yesterday at church and it was so cool. Super humble
testimony. E-- is doing really good too! He taught us about the
atonement this week for the lesson, it was way cool. Those 3 are
really the only ones that are doing anything right now. It really
started to slow down. Transfer week is this week and we find out what
happens, so I'm excited about that! Mostly because I know I have a
really good chance at staying, but hey, you never know!

Going to the ranch sounds fun. That's definitely something I miss but
hey it will be there before I know it. My mission is going so fast, I
feel. And Manchester is a place that's always got something going on.
This place has got some funny people haha. Some way weird things go on here 

haha. I love Bedford, though. Well, I'm almost always in Manchester but they 
both are crazy cities.  Btw I'm so jealous that you are going on a cruise. 
I've always wanted to go on one of those!

Sorry for the short email, but one thing that's been on my mind lately
is the love that Heavenly Father has for us. I was reading in Romans 8
and the last 2 verses are amazing. It says that nothing separates us
from the love of God. No matter what we do he will always love us but
I realized that it's not the same from our side. Sometimes when things
happen we choose to not love God anymore because we feel like he
doesn't love us or doesn't look out for us but that's why those verses
are so important because when we understand the reasons for trials a
lot of things change, and one of the most important things that change
is our attitude and happiness. God loves us always no matter what we
are going through, it's easy to forget sometimes but I am always
grateful for the reminder. Love you, fam!  Have a good week!

Elder Webb

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