Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hey fam! 

Dang that was a good email mom. The other day I shared an experience about your brain tumor and surgeries, so it's been on my mind a little. Always a good reminder of God's love that he has for all of us!

Man this week was really a crazy week. Elder Iverson is still pretty man down with his ankle so it's been driving me stir crazy. I hate our apartment right now! I've been in it way too long. But it was still really cool because we saw an amazing miracle with our investigator family--the Ryan's. So Beth, the mom, has been very skeptical about baptism. But she had an amazing experience with God answering her prayers and she knows it's because of her attending church at the lLDS church and because of the amazing people that go there. She said her whole life she's been looking for a church with "true Christlike charity" and she said she knows she has found it. Her daughter Emily said she wanted to be baptized, she's 15. And not to doubt her, but we just wanted to make sure she was doing it for the right reasons and so Beth told her to tell why she was being baptized and I had never heard a testimony from a 15 year old girl that was so Christ centered, and she talked about how she sees how happy it makes her mom and she wants that for herself. She typed it all up on her phone cause she was scared to tell us, but she read it out loud and it was amazing. They are going to be baptized on the 10th of September! Just Emily and Beth. Sophia the 12 year old isn't so sure yet, but she will come around. We are way excited for them! Beth reminds me of just a normal Mormon mom. She's hard core smart so teaching her has been way fun! And hard, but mostly fun. 

Well the other people haven't done much this week. Emiel is just waiting for his dad to get the priesthood back, and he's sooo ready. But other than that it's been slow. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone!! It meant a lot. It was fun to read all of the birthday emails. And thanks for the package!!! It was sooo needed. We already went to Buffalo Wild Wings, too. LOL--I love that place. Love you fam! 

Thanks for everything. 

President Hinkley's glasses!
(The mission President's wife is Gordon B.
Hinkley's granddaughter, so she has a bunch of 
his things! :)

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