Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey sorry I didn't respond to the part last week about taking a
picture of the lumps. You can't see it poking out, its only something
you can feel. It's big, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't poke out
like that. But I did just go to the doctor earlier today! In Freeport
Maine....aka we had to drive SOOO far. But it went good. He did some
tests on me and came to a few conclusions. I either have a tear in my
muscles there, which didn't make sense to me, but yeah. He had me do a
crunch or sit up, and he like shoved his fingers into my chest and it
killed but he said since it hurt so bad it might be muscles......? I
thought it was a weird test but hey I trust him. 

He also said it couldbe a hernia that just didn't show up on the ct scan. 
I asked why it
wouldn't show up and he explained it like this to me: so he grabbed a
piece of paper and ripped a little slit in it and set it down and you
could barely see the slit, but unless the slit is spread out or
visibly open its really hard to see that there is a tear or split in
the first place. Does that make sense? So when it pops out like I've
explained, it has to be in that "popped out" position for the ct scan
to really pick that up and identify it. Or he said it could be my
intestines poking out through that tear too....I've had chest pain too
which is why he said that could be a possibility. Apparently there is
some acid reflux or something that could be causing that pain. So I
would either have to do physical therapy for like 6 weeks, or get
surgery. We will find out this week hopefully what I will be doing but
hopefully it's therapy. I have to go to a surgeon this week and a pt
so they are aware and can give their input on the situation as well.
If it's surgery though I will have to come home. That's what the nurse
said. I don't want to come home, so please keep me in your prayers.
And that I can do physical therapy instead!

Also happy Easter! Easter was great. We ate at 2 different places one
of those being the Harvey's, who was the British lady that called you
hahaha I can't believe she called. I'm glad she did, but that's just
funny. She's the nicest lady. And she is DANG good at ping pong even
though she's like 80. And even though she had surgery. We have a ward
activity every Wednesday where we play ping pong with the members for
a half hour or so and its a lot of fun. On P-days we play a lot of
ping pong too so it's a lot of fun.

We had a good week. It didn't go as planned, that's for sure, but hey it
never really does. We met with our new investigator L-- again
yesterday, and she committed to a baptismal date! June 18th.  A little
ways away, but it's a good target for her. She is a senior in high
school so she has school every day of the week, and then goes to work
right after so we can only meet once a week. So it will be slow
progression, but she is surrounded by lots of support to help her to
progress, which is good. We met with G-- a few times this week and he
is not doing very well. He takes care of his sister and his sister is
very mentally unstable and a big episode happened so he had a set
back, but we are meeting with him tomorrow and hopefully will get him
back on track of meeting often. He wasn't able to come to church
because he was at the hospital with his sister.

So we got transfer calls the other day and yes I'm getting a new
companion. I'm actually training a new missionary sooooo I'm nervous
but excited! And I get to stay in Wolfeboro for a little longer so I'm
excited about that! It will be interesting!

I know God answers our prayers. It's all throughout the scriptures and
almost all of us have seen it in our own lives so we know the power of
it. So remember to always say your prayers and to have the faith that
they will be answered! Because without the faith they won't be
answered. I love you all! Have a good week.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 21, 2016

The funeral was great. It was absolutely packed. There were easily 
300 people there (for this area that's a lot!) and a lot of the Marriotts
 were theretoo, kinda cool. They are super nice, too. And the service was
incredible! They are a great family.

Wow this week flew by! And, no, Elizabeth is not progressing, sadly. We
didn't meet this week with her. We tried, but she said she has been
busy so we will just keep trying! But we were able to meet with Greg 3
times this week and we had some really good talks with him. He's going
through a lot with his family situation, being separated from his
wife, and being surrounded by people that don't treat him well. He
also takes care of his sister who isn't fully accountable. But he's a
soldier, and we are really doing our best! We are meeting with him
again tonight. He's such a good guy, I really hope he can stick with
it. It will take a lot for him to, but he's working towards baptism.
Some people you just can't push! 

We were going to a dinner appointmentyesterday and when we got 
there one of the sons girlfriends came up to
my companion and I and said "hey I want to take the discussions. Is
that ok?" And we were like uhhhhh yes! So we taught her the
restoration after dinner! It was so random but so cool! We found a new
investigator finally haha we asked why the sudden interest and she
said it just feels right. It's cool how that's usually how it always starts out as a feeling. She's really excited to
move forward, and obviously we are too! Haha that was a great

I'm sorry for the short email but that is really all I have for this
week. Lots of service, and meeting with members. But nothing ultra
special to share. Just trying to help everyone be missionaries! So be
missionaries everyone, that's my challenge to you all. It's easy! I
love you all. I hope you have a great week. I'll write more next week
I promise. Love you!!

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Friday, March 18, 2016

March 14, 2016

Wow congrats Dad! You've made it through 2 straight bishoprics pretty
much! That squad will be a really good one. Matt will be the Bishop
when I come home!  He will do great. Also, I went and got some x rays
this week and I'll find out the results soon.

Wow this week was crazy. We were able to meet with G-- twice and we
taught him the Word of Wisdom and he was all for it! He is so
motivated to do what's right, it's really cool. The 2nd lesson we had
with him, we actually we talked about the word of wisdom again. It
wasn't what we planned on but it just went that way. And during the
closing prayer I had this thought to ask him if we can eliminate the
temptations with the Word of Wisdom. Aka I asked to dump his beer on
his lawn. LOL. He was a little shocked but he's like "heck yeah!" So
we all went outside and did that. It was super fun I'll be honest.
When we were leaving he told us how much he appreciates us and how he
loves us, and actually started to cry. That made my week haha because
not that it's that important to hear that, but it just makes you feel
like you're actually doing something good for someone. It's easy to
get down on yourself on a mission, because you don't always see the
fruits of your labors, or ever see the fruits of your labors, but I
considered that a fruit. Other people might not but It meant a lot to
me. G-- is the best. And to see how much he's changed! He's working
right to baptism which is the coolest part. We are really happy for

E--. Well, E-- is tough. She's not really progressing. We
met with her twice with week as well and we taught about the 10
commandments, the law of chastity, and once again coming to church
haha and when we asked if she would commit to living them all this was
her response...."I plead the fifth." Hahaha she's such a pill but I
actually started laughing. She doesn't like commitments, she likes to
do everything on her own time, and is brutally honest sometimes haha
which is why she won't be baptized as soon as we thought haha she's so
funny. And patience is a virtue. For some people it even takes them a
couple years but that's fine! Just as long as they finally do it haha
we are still going to work close with her. She gave me 2 boxes of Girl
Scout cookies too and that was way cool. Thin mints in case you were

We have done quite a bit of service this week and will continue to do
more this next week because that lady I told you about that had cancer
passed away. She and her husband were the ones that started the branch
here in Wolfeboro, and have been a huge influence on a lot of people
in the area. And missionary work has been a huge part of their lives
as well, so for the funeral they are having my comp and I, and 2 other
missionaries, come and be ushers (and something else but I don't
remember what it was). But it should be good. The members were very sad
to find that out that she passed, but she's definitely in a better
place now. And probably is being the missionary in the spirit
world that she was here! But we've been helping them out quite a bit at their place. I
love going over there. They live on like the most beautiful part of
the lake since they live in the Marriot estates. It's so cool. And
when we do service we usually use a golf cart to get from one house to
another on the property sooooo ya that's cool too.

My spiritual thought is more of a challenge to you all. The church put
out a new Easter video and I hope you all will go watch it and think
about what stands out to you, and then what Easter means to you, and
then post it to Facebook or Twitter or whatever you all use. It's so

I love you, I hope you have a good week!! We did videos of us pouring
out his beer I hope it sends!

Also the picture with the members, from right to left is my comp, Elder
Bundy, and then the H--'s and one of their kids. He's our branch
president here. He's like 30 haha and then on the left that's the
W--'s and sister W-- is related to a girl I knew in high school
named Bailey Andrus, and Sister W graduated from Lone Peak
actually. Sister H-- is related to a girl I went to high school with too! Brooke Demille. 

Kinda funny how small of a world it is. Also, that last picture is
when I was going to get my x Ray.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey Fam!

The lady with cancer is not doing well, we went over a couple times this week and gave a little service and taught a couple lessons too. They are a great family. We will go over a couple times again this week to help them out. E--'s baptismal date is no longer good because she is not ready yet. The key word is YET. Because I think she will be ready someday but it was s little rushed. G-- is still on, though, and came to church this week and loved it! It was cool. 

So we met with E-- this week and had a long chat about sacrament meeting because she doesn't like to come to it AT ALL. Haha She understands the importance but just doesn't like the speakers and the little kids that are loud, etc haha trust me we've tried about every option for her to come but we eventually just got to the point where we told her it has to be out of a desire for herself and that no one can make her come! And that over time she will learn to love it, especially when she feels the importance of the sacrament. But she still is doing great, that's her only hiccup pretty much. Slowly getting there.

G-- is doing great, we met with him 3 times this week and he lovessssss the plan of salvation. He loved it so much ha it was a lot of fun to see him get so excited about it. And yeah, he really liked church too and got a lot out of it. Sacrament meeting is always great for investigators because it's always a personal connection for them in some way. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ too and he liked that a lot too! He's making his way! The word of wisdom will be the next lesson. He has some struggles with it, but we are praying that he will be able to follow it! 

Other than that we have just been meeting with members and tracting. It was really cold this past week! But I hear it should be like 60 degrees this week so I'm way excited for that! I'm sorry it is short, I don't have a ton to write about, but it was a good week still. And I'm in a little bit of a hurry, but I love you and hope you are all doing well! 

Sorry that I don't have any pictures either. I forgot! I'll be better next week! 

I've been reading in the Book of Mormon and I just got to 3 Nephi 11 and, man, it is so incredible to read about Christ coming to the Americas. I challenge you all to read chapter 10 and 11 and 12. No matter where you are in the book, it brings a special spirit! And it just takes 10 minutes! 

I love you all, have a good week! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016

Well this week was a great week. Like I said last week we set that baptismal date with G-- and are very excited about it, but we struggled to get a hold of him this week! We eventually saw him on Saturday and we had a great lesson with him about the restoration. He loved it! We told him we would like to meet at least 2 times a week now so he can prepare for his baptism and he willingly accepted so hopefully that will happen and he will continue to progress! 

We had a zone meeting this last Wednesday too and it was so good. It was weird being in a new zone with so many new faces but immediately I had something in common with almost all of them. They all know Lone Peak or people that went to it haha it has blown my mind how many people know Lone Peak and the people that go to it. Most of them have bad opinions of Lone Peak but hey that's ok haha "don't hate us cause you ain't us!!" Just kidding, but it's funny. The people in my zone are so great and a lot of fun, and I can tell are great missionaries. I'm excited to continue to serve around all of them. 

What really made this week cool was we met with E-- on Thursday and later that night she texted and set her own baptismal date! Haha we did not see that one coming! She set it for March 19th and we are very excited for her as well as G-- for that day! 

In our branch here there is a family that has been here forever, and even started the branch in Wolfeboro! The B-- family, and they haven't been to church ever since I've been here because sister B-- has very serious cancer, and finally was able to come home this last Friday. She is on hospice (I think that's what it is) and we were able to go and see her and her family just yesterday. It was a very cool experience. Her husband has been by her side through the whole thing, literally. He won't leave her side! He's nervous if he left and she passed away he wouldn't be able to see her, or share that last moment with her. It's very tiring for him, and sad for everyone to see, but it's what he wants to do, and gave me a taste of what true love really is. It reminded me a lot of when Mom was having her surgeries and how you could always count on Dad to be there. There is a special spirit that was in that home yesterday and I'm glad I was able to be there and feel it. I can tell they are a great family! And I feel bad for them, but the plan of salvation is amazing and brings comfort to us all because all families will experience a death eventually but it's never permanent. And they really love missionaries, so Brother B-- asked us to come over more. Sister B-- can hear us and see us and stuff but can't talk anymore or really be involved, but Brother B-- says she has always enjoyed them coming over so I'm excited to be able to go over and see them.

And they live on the Marriott estates which is this big group of houses, like 15 or 20 that the Marriotts have for the summer when they come up, so it was really cool and the houses are HUGE. Brother B-- worked for the Marriotts so they just gave him a home there haha it was so beautiful. And it's right on the lake so that explains the picture and the other picture is our zone. 

PS- sorry my eyes were closed. I have no excuse.

Love you all! Hope you have a good week! 

Elder Webb