Thursday, March 3, 2016

Feb. 29, 2016

Well this week was a great week. Like I said last week we set that baptismal date with G-- and are very excited about it, but we struggled to get a hold of him this week! We eventually saw him on Saturday and we had a great lesson with him about the restoration. He loved it! We told him we would like to meet at least 2 times a week now so he can prepare for his baptism and he willingly accepted so hopefully that will happen and he will continue to progress! 

We had a zone meeting this last Wednesday too and it was so good. It was weird being in a new zone with so many new faces but immediately I had something in common with almost all of them. They all know Lone Peak or people that went to it haha it has blown my mind how many people know Lone Peak and the people that go to it. Most of them have bad opinions of Lone Peak but hey that's ok haha "don't hate us cause you ain't us!!" Just kidding, but it's funny. The people in my zone are so great and a lot of fun, and I can tell are great missionaries. I'm excited to continue to serve around all of them. 

What really made this week cool was we met with E-- on Thursday and later that night she texted and set her own baptismal date! Haha we did not see that one coming! She set it for March 19th and we are very excited for her as well as G-- for that day! 

In our branch here there is a family that has been here forever, and even started the branch in Wolfeboro! The B-- family, and they haven't been to church ever since I've been here because sister B-- has very serious cancer, and finally was able to come home this last Friday. She is on hospice (I think that's what it is) and we were able to go and see her and her family just yesterday. It was a very cool experience. Her husband has been by her side through the whole thing, literally. He won't leave her side! He's nervous if he left and she passed away he wouldn't be able to see her, or share that last moment with her. It's very tiring for him, and sad for everyone to see, but it's what he wants to do, and gave me a taste of what true love really is. It reminded me a lot of when Mom was having her surgeries and how you could always count on Dad to be there. There is a special spirit that was in that home yesterday and I'm glad I was able to be there and feel it. I can tell they are a great family! And I feel bad for them, but the plan of salvation is amazing and brings comfort to us all because all families will experience a death eventually but it's never permanent. And they really love missionaries, so Brother B-- asked us to come over more. Sister B-- can hear us and see us and stuff but can't talk anymore or really be involved, but Brother B-- says she has always enjoyed them coming over so I'm excited to be able to go over and see them.

And they live on the Marriott estates which is this big group of houses, like 15 or 20 that the Marriotts have for the summer when they come up, so it was really cool and the houses are HUGE. Brother B-- worked for the Marriotts so they just gave him a home there haha it was so beautiful. And it's right on the lake so that explains the picture and the other picture is our zone. 

PS- sorry my eyes were closed. I have no excuse.

Love you all! Hope you have a good week! 

Elder Webb

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