Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 28, 2016

Hey sorry I didn't respond to the part last week about taking a
picture of the lumps. You can't see it poking out, its only something
you can feel. It's big, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't poke out
like that. But I did just go to the doctor earlier today! In Freeport
Maine....aka we had to drive SOOO far. But it went good. He did some
tests on me and came to a few conclusions. I either have a tear in my
muscles there, which didn't make sense to me, but yeah. He had me do a
crunch or sit up, and he like shoved his fingers into my chest and it
killed but he said since it hurt so bad it might be muscles......? I
thought it was a weird test but hey I trust him. 

He also said it couldbe a hernia that just didn't show up on the ct scan. 
I asked why it
wouldn't show up and he explained it like this to me: so he grabbed a
piece of paper and ripped a little slit in it and set it down and you
could barely see the slit, but unless the slit is spread out or
visibly open its really hard to see that there is a tear or split in
the first place. Does that make sense? So when it pops out like I've
explained, it has to be in that "popped out" position for the ct scan
to really pick that up and identify it. Or he said it could be my
intestines poking out through that tear too....I've had chest pain too
which is why he said that could be a possibility. Apparently there is
some acid reflux or something that could be causing that pain. So I
would either have to do physical therapy for like 6 weeks, or get
surgery. We will find out this week hopefully what I will be doing but
hopefully it's therapy. I have to go to a surgeon this week and a pt
so they are aware and can give their input on the situation as well.
If it's surgery though I will have to come home. That's what the nurse
said. I don't want to come home, so please keep me in your prayers.
And that I can do physical therapy instead!

Also happy Easter! Easter was great. We ate at 2 different places one
of those being the Harvey's, who was the British lady that called you
hahaha I can't believe she called. I'm glad she did, but that's just
funny. She's the nicest lady. And she is DANG good at ping pong even
though she's like 80. And even though she had surgery. We have a ward
activity every Wednesday where we play ping pong with the members for
a half hour or so and its a lot of fun. On P-days we play a lot of
ping pong too so it's a lot of fun.

We had a good week. It didn't go as planned, that's for sure, but hey it
never really does. We met with our new investigator L-- again
yesterday, and she committed to a baptismal date! June 18th.  A little
ways away, but it's a good target for her. She is a senior in high
school so she has school every day of the week, and then goes to work
right after so we can only meet once a week. So it will be slow
progression, but she is surrounded by lots of support to help her to
progress, which is good. We met with G-- a few times this week and he
is not doing very well. He takes care of his sister and his sister is
very mentally unstable and a big episode happened so he had a set
back, but we are meeting with him tomorrow and hopefully will get him
back on track of meeting often. He wasn't able to come to church
because he was at the hospital with his sister.

So we got transfer calls the other day and yes I'm getting a new
companion. I'm actually training a new missionary sooooo I'm nervous
but excited! And I get to stay in Wolfeboro for a little longer so I'm
excited about that! It will be interesting!

I know God answers our prayers. It's all throughout the scriptures and
almost all of us have seen it in our own lives so we know the power of
it. So remember to always say your prayers and to have the faith that
they will be answered! Because without the faith they won't be
answered. I love you all! Have a good week.

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