Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4, 2016

Hey, fam! 

So I got an update about the medical thing. I have to go to a surgeon before I go to a physical therapist because my mission nurse is worried it might be worse than just a muscle tear and doesn't want me to jump into PT and make it worse, so I have to go to a surgeon tomorrow at Dartmouth college to see what his take is. But that's the only update so far! Hopefully I can get an answer on what's going to happen tomorrow but hopefully it's the answer that I won't need surgery! 

This week was absolutely crazy. We were so busy with teaching people this week it was great, but not the people I expected. We haven't seen G-- all week, we have no idea what's going on with him. We pray for him every day but he won't respond to our texts or calls! I think we will plan on stopping by his house this week to see if we can catch him there. I know he has the potential to be an incredible member, so we will keep trying him. G-- is one of my favorite people that I have taught in my whole mission, I really hope we can get back in contact with him. I really do believe we will! We taught a lot of member lessons this week, and really strived to give stronger commitments to them so they can invite friends or family over to meet with us. We have gotten one new investigator since we started this here, so it works! But we are trying to make it work better. We also were able to meet with L-- again just yesterday and we had a really good lesson with her about the plan of salvation. The plan of salvation is one of my favorite things to talk about, and it clearly was one of hers too. She really enjoyed it. And she has really been doing her homework lately! She has been studying a lot, and it's really cool to see her motivation. Maybe she will even be able to boost up her baptismal date from June 18th!  Because she really does seem ready, but we will continue to see how she feels about all of this. 

Being a trainer is interesting haha I really enjoy it, but at the same time it's so difficult. His name is Elder B--. He is a great elder, and has a really hard time with speaking up or even opening his mouth period. I really can put myself in my trainer's shoes, Elder Johnson, because when he first got me, going into a French area, I didn't say anything like, ever! He was probably really frustrated with me! And yes sometimes I do get frustrated--but every time, I get that humbling remembrance of when I was a newbie and didn't open my mouth. And I know he will grow over time, and will be a great missionary. I'm definitely excited for this next couple transfers with him, this is the best area to be trained in for sure, so we both are very lucky! And this past week I've learned a lot about myself and myself as a missionary. Some good things and some things that I can improve on for sure, and I'm excited to work on those things. 

General Conference was so insanely good. Jeffrey R. Holland's talk to finish conference was sooooo good. Right when he said amen I said out loud "oh my word that was SOOOO good" and the 10 or so people that were there just ignored me hahaha I probably shouldn't have said it out loud but I thought it was that amazing. There was one member though that did lean forward and pretty much shouted, "I know, right??" So I wasn't alone! Haha it was funny. Some days my filter just doesn't exist but it adds a little spice to my life. 

One of my favorite things I got out of general conference was a talk in the priesthood session that talked about following Jesus Christ. Not word for word, but I remember him saying "the best way to lead people to Jesus Christ is to be the best follower of Jesus Christ." And that's so simple but so cool at the same time, because if we truly do follow our Savior as best as we can we will bring others closer to him as well. Because Christ was the ultimate missionary. So follow Jesus Christ the best that you can so you can accomplish the Lord's work by bringing others closer to him. 

I love you all and will keep you updated on the health thing. Love you! 

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