Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016

Hey, fam! We had interviews yesterday with the President so we have p-
day today! So ya sorry about the confusion.

Hey, tell Brandon to look for Zach Darrington in Lima, Peru!  Or
Caden Cluff. Jared knows him. Or Garrett Southwick I think too...?

Ok so about this week. This week was a way cool week. A lot happened!
We were only able to meet with G-- twice, and he is having
huge problems right now. It's not good, but he has finally hit rock
bottom so hopefully he can only rise from it. And it's not really G--
that is on rock bottom, but his surroundings and his willingness to
help the people he's surrounded by. He realized that the people around
him, aka the people living with him, aren't helping themselves and if
they will never help themselves then he can't restrict himself from
his own happiness and literally his own salvation. It's an interesting
situation, I hope that all made sense. But we are having a few members
stop by to help him out and to give him a little counsel because, he
needs it way bad ha and we can't give it, so luckily some members are
doing it and helping out.

L-- is doing well! She's keeping her commitments and is really
trying to do what's right. We met with her a couple days ago and
talked about the word of wisdom and it went well. She has a lot of
friends that don't follow it, and it was a good lesson because she
realized that her friends don't have their free agency anymore because
of their addictions, and she doesn't want that for herself. It was
really good.

Like usual, we met with a lot of members once again since that's where
we are focusing on, but we found a new investigator from meeting with
them! Finally! Haha one of the members brought a lady to church and
her son too, and they loved it. We met with them later Sunday night
and had a good lesson on the restoration. They seem great! And they
are definitely humble enough to accept the truth. It was a cool
experience! We will continue to meet with them this week. We are very

It was a good week! I love you all and I hope you have a great week. It's 
snowing super hard up here so hopefully the weather in Utah is a lot better! 

Love you!

Elder Webb

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