Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 18, 2016

That's so cool about Tanner! Crazy mission, but so cool! And the caddying 
thing too, I'm way jealous! And Mom and Dad, keep up the good work 
at the temple! That's a great way to do missionary work! And for those 
extra blessings. And thanks mom, it means a lot to know you're proud of me. Seriously!

This week was a good week. It was weird, but still good. We were in
our area for about 3 days so it felt really weird! For the first 2
days of the week we were in Manchester for a new missionary training
meeting for Elder Bates, and I got to see Sister Whitney again, btw, so
we didn't get home until Tuesday night. And then Wednesday, we went on
exchange until Thursday night, so we had Friday and Saturday and
Sunday to do work, so not a ton happened but still a good week!

We met with L-- yesterday and she was really confused about the
Book of Mormon with where she was reading, so we read with her to get
her back on track to clarify things. It went really well! It's cool
cause we can tell she really cares about learning. We were going to
teach about the Word of Wisdom but we will save that for next week I
guess! We were able to get back on track with G-- too which was cool!
We had a good lesson with him about faith and yeah he's back on track.
He's streaky, so we are still on our toes with him but we were happy
to get to see him again. We will stop by again tonight to see him and
hopefully get another baptismal date to get him focusing
again. That's really it with investigators, it's been slow the past 2
weeks, but we have met with a ton of members to get them finding
people with us too, so we are praying that it will work!

Sorry for the short email, but not a ton happened! Haha but one cool
realization I had this week was the question "What lack I yet?" It's a
humbling question to ask your Heavenly Father! And you always get an
answer immediately. So I challenge you all to do that so you are
always improving! I love you all! Have a good week!! Btw we were at
the B--'s this week and brother B pulled out his Model A it was
cool. He took us for a ride in it. It's SOOOO old. But anyways, love

- 2 Chainz

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