Friday, May 6, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hey, fam! 

I don't know yet when I will be skyping! I'll be able to let you know beforehand of when to expect the call! And thank you for the package! I'm excited to get it! My address is PO Box 15 Wolfeboro Falls,  New Hampshire 03894.  I can't believe Nick and Sarah are married hahahahahaha that's so dang funny. I'm way happy for them! And I totally take credit for it. 

This week was an interesting week. The first few days we were on exchange with the zone leaders and it was great. Our zone leaders are way cool so it's always fun being with them. We have transfers this upcoming week and I don't know if I already told you that President said I'll be staying in Wolfeboro so I'm really really happy about that. And thanks for the prayers for Elder Bates! This week was also interesting because we have a meal calendar that has members signed up to feed us, and this last week we didn't have any meals because the calendar ran out, and since it was the end of the month my card ran out too, so I ate some pretty nasty food! Mostly canned food and it was pretty horrible.

The work was really slow this week. We met with G-- and it's same old same old. Nothing has changed. It's frustrating! But there's not a lot we can do unless he chooses to act for himself. L-- is doing great! She read about 6 chapters from the Book of Mormon this week and it blew my mind how much she understood. She is really doing well. We met with K-- and D-- (the two people that came to church) and we taught them the plan of salvation and it went good! We aren't quite sure how they will progress yet but they are super nice and willing to meet so hopefully the Spirit will touch them! 

I'm excited to talk with you this Sunday! I love you! Have a good week! 

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