Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 16, 2016

Hey fam!

Man this week was a great week. We are totally in a rush now for
L--'s baptism since it's less than 2 weeks away now, so we are
trying to teach her all the lessons before it, and we have to cram a
lot! But it's a good stress. We are so excited for her! She will be
interviewed this week so let's hope it goes well! 

But also G-- is fixing his house situation, so now he is able to Improve! 
We met with him about 3 times this week and are really trying to be in contact
with him daily to help him progress as much as possible. We also had 4
investigators come to church this week too which was really cool,
K--, D--, J-- (D--'s friend) and L--, and K-- and D--
are also doing very well. They hopefully will have baptismal dates
before this next week. D-- said he totally wants to become Mormon
hahaha so he's cool. 

But yeah things are going well. My new companion
is Elder Washburn, and he's way cool. We have a lot of fun, but he is
very diligent, as well, so I love it! We have had a way good week and we
were so busy. I'm sorry it's so short this week but we are at District

P day so I'm jumping from emails to basketball and I realized I'm
running out of time, but I love you all so much. Thanks for being such
great examples to me and especially for the prayers. I wish I could
have seen Jared, Lindsey and Dallin when Jared flew out to Boston
to spend time with Linds and Dallin, but yeah I couldn't, but I heard they
 had fun which is way cool. New England is the best so of course they 
had fun! Love you, fam!

Btw I went golfing and my swing hasn't skipped a beat. It was awesome.
Oh and I saw a bear! Kinda crazy.

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