Friday, March 18, 2016

March 14, 2016

Wow congrats Dad! You've made it through 2 straight bishoprics pretty
much! That squad will be a really good one. Matt will be the Bishop
when I come home!  He will do great. Also, I went and got some x rays
this week and I'll find out the results soon.

Wow this week was crazy. We were able to meet with G-- twice and we
taught him the Word of Wisdom and he was all for it! He is so
motivated to do what's right, it's really cool. The 2nd lesson we had
with him, we actually we talked about the word of wisdom again. It
wasn't what we planned on but it just went that way. And during the
closing prayer I had this thought to ask him if we can eliminate the
temptations with the Word of Wisdom. Aka I asked to dump his beer on
his lawn. LOL. He was a little shocked but he's like "heck yeah!" So
we all went outside and did that. It was super fun I'll be honest.
When we were leaving he told us how much he appreciates us and how he
loves us, and actually started to cry. That made my week haha because
not that it's that important to hear that, but it just makes you feel
like you're actually doing something good for someone. It's easy to
get down on yourself on a mission, because you don't always see the
fruits of your labors, or ever see the fruits of your labors, but I
considered that a fruit. Other people might not but It meant a lot to
me. G-- is the best. And to see how much he's changed! He's working
right to baptism which is the coolest part. We are really happy for

E--. Well, E-- is tough. She's not really progressing. We
met with her twice with week as well and we taught about the 10
commandments, the law of chastity, and once again coming to church
haha and when we asked if she would commit to living them all this was
her response...."I plead the fifth." Hahaha she's such a pill but I
actually started laughing. She doesn't like commitments, she likes to
do everything on her own time, and is brutally honest sometimes haha
which is why she won't be baptized as soon as we thought haha she's so
funny. And patience is a virtue. For some people it even takes them a
couple years but that's fine! Just as long as they finally do it haha
we are still going to work close with her. She gave me 2 boxes of Girl
Scout cookies too and that was way cool. Thin mints in case you were

We have done quite a bit of service this week and will continue to do
more this next week because that lady I told you about that had cancer
passed away. She and her husband were the ones that started the branch
here in Wolfeboro, and have been a huge influence on a lot of people
in the area. And missionary work has been a huge part of their lives
as well, so for the funeral they are having my comp and I, and 2 other
missionaries, come and be ushers (and something else but I don't
remember what it was). But it should be good. The members were very sad
to find that out that she passed, but she's definitely in a better
place now. And probably is being the missionary in the spirit
world that she was here! But we've been helping them out quite a bit at their place. I
love going over there. They live on like the most beautiful part of
the lake since they live in the Marriot estates. It's so cool. And
when we do service we usually use a golf cart to get from one house to
another on the property sooooo ya that's cool too.

My spiritual thought is more of a challenge to you all. The church put
out a new Easter video and I hope you all will go watch it and think
about what stands out to you, and then what Easter means to you, and
then post it to Facebook or Twitter or whatever you all use. It's so

I love you, I hope you have a good week!! We did videos of us pouring
out his beer I hope it sends!

Also the picture with the members, from right to left is my comp, Elder
Bundy, and then the H--'s and one of their kids. He's our branch
president here. He's like 30 haha and then on the left that's the
W--'s and sister W-- is related to a girl I knew in high school
named Bailey Andrus, and Sister W graduated from Lone Peak
actually. Sister H-- is related to a girl I went to high school with too! Brooke Demille. 

Kinda funny how small of a world it is. Also, that last picture is
when I was going to get my x Ray.

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