Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 5, 2016

Wow, looks like a fun trip! Hey Cabo San Lucas is a good place, I spent
a few hours there on that fishing trip! Tell Grandma and Grandpa I
said Happy Anniversary. Tell Gary I said he needs to shave haha

Well this week was really bizarre, my companion and I have been trying
to get this booth idea set up for Main Street in Manchester to promote
this #lighttheworld initiative, and holy cow the city makes you go
through so much stuff to get it set up haha we have ran around so much
trying to get it ready. So much paper work, signatures, materials,
etc. The first stack of papers they made us go through ended up being
the wrong ones so we had to start over and we got sent to the public
works building and went through all of their paper work, and then told
us we had to go back to city hall to do it through them because of
certain steps we needed to comp and I have been trying to
stay off soda and we were successful for a while until they sent us
back to city hall that last time. I went straight to a gas station and
bought a 44 oz mtn dew haha It was sooo needed. And it tasted amazing.
We were pretty frustrated but hey we have it all sorted out now and
are ready to go this next weekend!

We were able to proselyte a little bit this week though, and it was a
little slow but our ward here puts on a super cool event with
nativities set up all over the gym and we were able to get a few of
our investigators to come. A-- and M-- especially loved it. I'll
put some pictures on to show you what it was like. Some of the
nativities were incredible--like thousands of dollars from what we
heard. I think the highlight of the week though was meeting with J--
and talking with him. He is so cool! He bore a testimony to us pretty
much and just told us how grateful he was for us meeting with him and
stuff. He told us he is moving to Alabama for a month but while he's
there he wants to have Skype lessons and read from the Book of Mormon
with him and go through the lessons. It was really cool and totally
needed haha--this week was pretty slow--so we are glad we had a really
good highlight to it still.

Oh, by the way, transfer calls happened and I'm staying again with Elder
Holt. 3 transfers together haha it will be great. Two 6-month areas in a
row. I'm grateful for that because packing is the worst haha and I
love Bedford and Manchester. It will be interesting being in a city
for winter again. Driving in New England is the worst literally
everyone uses their horns basicallyas much as the brake pedal 

so when it comes to winter it gets even
crazier. But I'm really excited to see what happens with our
investigators this next transfer. Love you guys! 

Have a good week!

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