Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1, 2016

Hey everyone!

I've played that spikeball game and it's not even cool! Just kidding. It 
kind of is but it can't replace cricket. 
I'm glad Lindsey and Dallin had a good time in Utah! 

Well this week was a really good week, we had exchange again with the
district leaders and it was fun. I was with Elder Luu and he's like my
best friend ha we are very similar. I've been around him my whole
mission so we've had a lot of time to get along! And then Elder
Washburn and I, afterwards, had a lot of lessons. We taught D-- our
new investigator and she is golden. She wants to be baptized! So we
are setting a date tonight with her. G-- is doing good, we taught him
a few times and it went well! The real crazy thing that happened this
week was with N-- and she is really progressing now. We taught her a
few times this week and they were crazy lessons. Usually it's really
hard to keep her focused but this week she listened perfectly! And she
came to church and loved it! Hopefully she will commit to a date soon

So the bad news is I'm getting transferred. Well not bad news, but I'm
kinda sad. I love Wolfeboro. I was there for a really long time
though, so a change of scenery will probably be good. I'm going to be
going to Bedford, New Hampshir--even closer to Lindsey and Dallin lol. I
will be zone leader! I have no idea why because I haven't even been
district leader but I'm not the one to receive the revelation I guess.
Even though I still have my questions! I'm going to be around a lot of
older missionaries and President, so I expect to learn a
lot. I'm excited! Kinda nervous, but more excited. It will be very
different than Wolfeboro, it's a big city. But it will be a good

President told me when I go to areas he wants me to stay there
for a really long time. So I'm guessing I will be there for a long
time! Haha who knows, but that makes me happy. I HATE having too much
change. Still not used to it. Slowly but surely. But I'm happy I get
another chance to grow in a different position! I'm humbled and have a
lot of questions, and A LOT to learn but it will be fun. I feel like I
grew so much in Wolfeboro and I will always be grateful for the chance
I had to serve here. I honestly wouldn't mind living in Wolfeboro, so
mom don't get mad if I decide to someday.

I love you fam! I'll have a lot to update next week, I'm sure. Have a good week!

Patriots jersey signed by Rob Gronkowski

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