Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aug. 15, 2016

Hey everybody!!

Well I love Bedford. It's a little weird, but I'm learning a lot. The
city is kind of crazy, but it always makes for a fun day. We taught a
lot of lessons this week to our investigators and less actives. We
have 5 progressing investigators right now, the Ryan family, Emiel and
Jared. Jared is a freaking stud. He is so fun to teach. He's 12 years
old, and every commitment we leave, he does it and to prove that he's
done it, he writes a report on what the Holy Ghost taught him. We set
a baptismal date with him for the 27th of August. So coming up! We are
going to have to teach him a lot until that day, but we have put out a
plan so it will work out just fine. They are Hispanic, and the Dad
grew up a couple hours away from Tampico. I don't remember what it was
called, nor could I pronounce it but I'll try to figure that out and
get back to him.

We get invited to members' houses for dinner a decent amount, but we are 

working on that right now. We are getting a meal coordinator so it will
change soon!

I don't think I've told you this for a while but Mom I always
appreciate your testimony, I love hearing it! Or reading it.... same
thing. And I feel like I haven't given my appreciation for my mission
in a while to you guys. I love my mission. It has been the best thing
for me, and I feel like I'm growing a lot, it's so fun to see people
change. And it's fun to see that no matter how smart anyone is, or how
good they are with their words, or how mean they are, I know that
Christ's church has been restored. Not because other people told me but
because I have received my own answer. So when someone tells me
otherwise, it's sad but it makes me happy as well because I'm so
grateful that I know the truth for MYSELF and have it in my life to
guide me back to my Father in Heaven and to be with all of you as

Love you fam! Have a good week. Don't get sunburned. August is


Elder Webb

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