Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 8, 2016

Hey, fam!

Dang. My new area is way cool. It's fun being back in a city. So many
people! Except they are white. LOL.  But there is a lot of potential
here. My companion is way cool too, we really get along. He's been out
for 19 months. And to make it even weirder I have 2 other companions.
Technically. They are pretty much traveling assistants, but they work
out of our place, and they join us every now and again. They go home
in about a week so it's been interesting. They have been out twice as
long as I have haha it's been humbling being with these elders. They
have all been assistants (besides my comp) and are really solid guys.
I really look up to them.

Sooooo our investigators. We are teaching a couple of kids. One is named
J-- and he's 12. He is a stud. We are helping him to get
baptized hopefully this transfer. The next kid is 10 and his name is
E--. He is from a family with members, but they aren't very active.
The dad is trying to come back so he can baptize his son and we are
going through the lessons. Our other investigators that are really
solid, are a little family. B--, the mom, E-- and S-- her 2
daughters. Single mom, and she is amazing. She taught gospel
principles yesterday. It was amazing! She taught on charity. She and
her daughters are really great. This area really does have a lot of
potential so I'm excited to learn more and more!

Sorry I don't have a ton of time to write. It's been short and crazy
today. I'm not good at writing haha.  

Love you everyone, have a good week!!

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