Friday, June 2, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hey everyone!

This week has been soooo crazy, really full of miracles and a bunch of
new things learned. The Boston missionaries definitely have a
different mission culture and way of doing things, so it's been really
interesting to see and learn how I can improve. My companion Elder
Woodward is a really good missionary--it's been really fun! With our
area book and transferring it over and trying to learn the area and's really hard. But I'll get there.

We found a lot of success this week going around Nashua and just
talking with people on the streets. We had some really cool lessons on
the streets! We found a guy named M-- and his girlfriend who have met
with the missionaries before and knew who we were, so he let us teach
him on the spot and it was really cool! We gave him a Book of Mormon
at the end of teaching the restoration and he was like, "I'm really
searching, guys, like I won't let anyone's opinion get in the way
because I know that I need to know for myself" it was really cool to
hear--he seemed really excited to find out if it's true. And like 5
minutes after the lesson we were walking and came across a couple and
talked with them.  The lady was faking a phone call and kind of
dodging haha but she heard us talking to her boyfriend and just
put her phone down and came and listened. She was like "wow ok this is
awesome!" And we taught the restoration and they thought it was really
interesting. I feel like we had a lot of contacts this week where
people were really hesitant but they felt the spirit of the message
and it softened their hearts. You could like see it on their face--it
was really neat to see.

One of the coolest contacts we had was this lady named A--. She was
coming back from the bus stop with her daughter and we asked some
simple questions about her religious background and she said lately
she has been reading the Bible and felt like it had helped her a lot.
So we gave her a Book of Mormon and told her it would add to her
blessings as she came to know this is true, and set up an appointment
for a couple days later. So 2 days later we go back and she had read
half of the Book of Mormon and was really sincere in letting us know
how grateful she was for stopping her and giving her this book. We are
seeing her again tomorrow! She is so cool.

We are teaching this guy that will get baptized this upcoming weekend
and he's so cool. Brother S--. Everytime we go over there to talk to him 

he's so sincere and soaks up the
gospel and loves to bear his testimony about how he came to know it's
true. He is like a crazy successful and smart guy too, he is married
to a returning less active member and he is so cool to teach. This
area is a really great place! I'm really excited to serve here. I'm
excited for the craziness of this merge to finally stop and go back to
my mission haha rather than being in the Boston mission (no offense)
but it's just bizarre. I'm like cut off from my world aka my mission.
Like I don't have a ton of contact with them ha but it's been a good
experience for me.

Love you guys! This gospel is really powerful, I felt it this morning
really hit me because I was able to go to the Boston temple and do a
session and I was able to reflect on what the gospel has done for me
and the miracles we were blessed to see this week.

Have a good week!

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