Thursday, June 22, 2017

June 19, 2017

That's awesome about trek! It's good to hear the new ward fam is
treating you guys well! Also, hope Dad had a good Father's Day! Did he
get my letter?

Alright well this week was another one for the books. We got our new
companions and I'm with Elder Thorpe and he's a solid kid. He hasn't
been out for very long and is a brand new ZL so it's been fun to help
him out and to work with him. He served in Wolfeboro and Bedford,too,
so it's been fun to talk about the people there.

We had a good week though, we had an awesome zone conference with
Elder Snow from the 70, he came and gave us trainings. He interviewed
me after and wow he's a cool guy. After that we had a lot of time to
find. We had a really cool experience with a family that we found from
Iraq and we went in and taught them and the parents could speak
English better than they could hear and understand it, so the daughter
translated for us as we taught and it was UNREAL. We showed the Prince
of Peace video in the lesson and she translated it, and she got more
and more passionate as the video went on and it was so powerful. And
the family accepted it so well. One of the cooler experiences I've had
on my mission.

Sorry, once again I don't have a ton of time but hopefully you won't kill
me mom. Love you guys! Have a good week!

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