Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 12, 2017

Hey guys!

Crazy week. We have been working hard on trying to get everything
ready for the merge tomorrow and I'm just excited to get it rolling.
We've had a crazy amount of meetings with both mission's leadership and
also had a meeting with President Holland. Jeffrey's son. He is a
profound man like his dad. Definitely intimidating but way cool guy. I
went to a Boston Leadership meeting and it was really good, but I
realized how grateful I am to be serving in the Manchester mission.
I'm just really grateful for President Blair and Sister Blair and all
that they do and the way they do things. It's been a crazy couple
weeks but I have really learned a lot here.

I've been working on this idea since I've been here in Nashua and the
ball is finally starting to roll. So a lot of baseball parks have
"Mormon Night" where the baseball game is kind of themed that way and
they give a lot of tickets to the members and a famous Mormon will
throw out the first pitch and there are some other things too. I think
the Red Sox do it, I know the Dodgers do it, etc. So the Lowell
Spinners are in our zone, and we got their phone number and set up a
meeting to schedule a Mormon night at the baseball team's stadium in
July or August! It will most likely be a family night activity for the
stake and we will try to get our investigators and less actives to
come and have a good experience at the game especially being
surrounded by so many members and it being church-themed. And a good
thing to help member trust, too, hopefully. Our meeting is in about a
week and a half and it will hopefully go well. They seemed excited to
have us come to theme a game of theirs. We are coming up with other
ideas too but I guess we will see first with how the meeting goes.

Ok I really don't have a ton of time which is why I've been really
vague I'm sorry I'm just running out of time but I love you guys and
am excited to update you next week on our investigators! We found a
really cool girl that was fellowshipped by a member and she wants to
learn and to be a part of the church because she is realizing the
truth behind her studies of the Book of Mormon. Really excited to try
to set something up this week with her and the member. To be
continued! Sorry again, I'll be better! Love you guys!

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