Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey, Fam!

Wow--weird to think Jessica is home, send a picture--I want to see! 

This week was a really good week. General Conference was amazing.
Before my mission I was never much of a fan of General Conference--I
did all that I could to avoid watching it haha, but I just never gave
it a real chance. Now it's like my favorite thing. It's like a
missionary's Super Bowl--haha! We had one of our investigators named
B-- (he's new) come to Conference and he was there during the 2nd
session on Saturday and so he was there for all the sustaining votes
and everything. Definitely had to clarify a few things for him. And
when President Uchtdorf would ask if there were any opposed I would
fake cough really loud so he didn't hear the people yell "opposed!" It
was probably annoying and he probably thought I had a serious problem
with my throat but it was worth it.

We met with T-- a few times this week and she's moving on through the
Book of Mormon! She's doing really well. She didn't come to General
Conference for some reason though, we need to ask her what happened
but it's ok she could rewatch it. E-- is preparing to teach us the
discussions, now that we gave him a Preach My Gospel, and he's really
excited, He is going home teaching with the patriarch in our ward
so he's doing really well too.

We had quite a bit of time to find this week, too, and in Barre it's
always an adventure haha--the people here are so interesting and funny.
But we were able to find 2 really awesome people, and the one that's
the coolest is named A--. He's from Belize and is really looking for a
solid church community, and he loves families. We are meeting with him
this week so hopefully there will be more to update.

Life is good here in Vermont! Today was pretty warm so definitely
praying it will stay. Love you guys!!

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