Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Sounds like a good week! And good to hear about Grandma. 

This week was definitely a good one. My companion was sick for a
little bit of it but besides that it was good. Our new investigator
A-- had us over again for lunch and we set a baptismal date with him
for May 13th and he's really excited. It is really cool because a day
or two after we teach him he calls us and reviews it with us again and
tells us additional things he learned from pondering the lesson we
had. It's always a good thing when investigators remember what we
taught hahaha especially when they ponder it. He's a champ--definitely
one of my favorites that I've taught on my mission.

We went on a mini mission with the Bishop’s son and another priest in
the ward so it was crazy having 4 people going around contacting and
teaching people but it was really fun haha they are cool kids, and
what made it really cool was we went to go contact a guy named B--
and so we knocked on his door and he answered it and was like, "Elders!
come in, come in! I just cooked you eggs! Please come sit down!!" And
so I was like, "Well, it sounds like you know the missionaries pretty
well then!" And he responds "We don't just know you guys, we LOVE you
guys! Our house is your house!" Hahaha it was so funny but he was a
really cool guy even though the first part makes him sound crazy. They
let us sit down and we taught them and also got to show them the new
Easter video and it was really cool! We scheduled a barbecue with him
in May.....Don't ask how our conversation led to that but somehow it
got to BBQ and it's going to happen so I can't complain! So the
priests were able to get a cool taste of the craziness of missionary
life but also picking up someone new to teach. Fun times.

Easter was a pretty good day too, we had dinner at our Bishop's house.
Our Bishop and his family are like my favorite ever--they are so cool
and so solid. They prepared a little Easter egg hunt for us before
dinner and it was comedy, I totally felt 7 years old again running
around with my bag filled with eggs--it was amazing. What made it extra
good too was a video I watched on, it is the "Compassion"
video from the new Easter initiative. It shed light on me about
Christ's Atonement that I don't think of enough which is to turn
outwardly when we experience trials and how much it can help. When
Christ's Atonement is used properly it truly brings a change of mind,
not necessarily a change of situation. Even though people sometimes
expect the situation to change, if we open our hearts we can see as
Christ sees and bless other people as well as receive blessings

Love you guys! Have a good week!!

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