Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 10, 2017

Hey everybody!

This week was crazy. We did a lot of planning for this Easter event
Elder Braley and I put on this last weekend. It was a tour of the life
of Christ. The event was on Friday and it went really well.  We had the
different rooms set up for each phase of his life, and people went
through them chronologically starting with Christ’s birth, to his
ministry, to his death, and then to his resurrection. There were
roughly 80 people that came. It was really cool because yesterday in
sacrament meeting a lot of people got up and bore their testimonies on
the life of Christ and tied it into missionary work. And one high
councilman in our ward came up to us and said he felt like he had a
prompting to come out and work with us more. So we did right after,
and visited prospective elders and less actives.  We visited this
family and it was a really spiritual experience. We are now meeting
with them weekly! He wants to come out with us as often as he can now.

It's funny because after the event we felt like it went only ok,
because a lot of the less actives we invited and committed to come as
well as investigators,  didn't end up coming. But to hear the members
say how it impacted them helped us see that this non denominational
event wasn't only for non members and our less actives, but helped
strengthen the members in ways we definitely didn't expect! It really
was a lot of fun though, and really a cool experience to study the
life of Christ in depth at this Easter season.

We met with T-- a couple times this week and she's doing just great. A
cool thing happened on Sunday.  So she signed up to feed us which is so
cool because her boyfriend will be there so hopefully we can talk with
him and soften his heart a little towards us. He doesn't hate us--he
just isn't a fan of religion, so maybe we can just start by being his

We had another really cool experience yesterday at church, too. A
member here has been telling us for about a month that one of his
young friends was going to come and we could teach him, and he finally
showed up yesterday and we talked with him and he is so prepared to
hear the gospel. No joke--he is probably the most prepared person I've
met on my mission. We sat with him during sacrament meeting and he
nudged me to go bear my testimony kind of joking with me. So I went
up, and afterwards he leaned to me and said "Well, I dug myself in a
hole because now it's my turn to go up isn't it." I said "Well yeah!"
and he got up and bore his testimony and it was so amazing. He talked
about how he has learned just a little about the church but yet he
knows it's true without a doubt because of how we as LDS members act.
He said it's so Christlike that people would have to be blind to
not see it. He then went up to the Bishop after the meeting and
thanked him for carrying on such a difficult calling and said he
really appreciated him. He then introduced himself and said he is
planning on getting baptized within the next month or two. So, usually
in a story like this, there is a hicup with the person, maybe like a
mental setback or something fishy but no he is literally that
prepared!! Haha his name is A--. He is cooking dinner for us
tomorrow and having a lesson as well, and we are planning on setting a
baptismal date with him. He met with the missionaries for a couple
weeks in Michigan so he knows a little, but now he has moved out here.
It was such a refreshing miracle that we were just blessed to be a
part of.  I'm sure there will be quite a bit to update on next week
with him!

Love you guys!

Elder Webb

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