Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 24, 2017


Yes I got the package. Thank you! All of the candy is gone already, I
ate it pretty quick.  Also, I talked with president and my release date is August 28th.
Lol-- I'll be in class the next morning. 

Well this week was good. We got a surprise text from A-- at the
beginning saying he went back to Michigan for a week or two because he
needed to get his move started with coming full time here to Vermont
so we weren't able to meet with him but he still is doing really well
and went to church in Michigan and is still reading and praying so
he's doing good!

We met with T-- again and she read into 2 Nephi a little so she's
definitely making her way! She really is so solid. It's awesome haha
but as we followed up with her on her reading, she then pulled out her
bible and said she read the first 11 chapters in Genesis........let's
just say she had a lot of questions--hahaha--her first one was "why
would Noah get drunk and pass out naked and then his grandson tries to
cover him up and Noah curses him?"............yayyyyyy Old Testament.
We told her we would read the Bible with her after the Book of Mormon
but that she should just focus on the Book of Mormon for now. 
But yeah, she's doing well! 

We had our MLC meeting in Manchester and I stayed at my old apartment
with Elder Holt and it was really funny being around him and
reminiscing on the almost 5 months we were together. He goes home in
just a few weeks so it was fun for probably the last time. There is
some craziness coming to our mission here pretty soon so it will be
interesting to see what happens.

We had a lot of time to find and it's been fun because we have used a
new approach with people. We are going around asking for a 5-10 second
video about why they are grateful for their mothers and how we are
planning on compiling all of them and putting them on the internet
connected with a hashtag so that they can go back and watch it. I
think the hashtag will be #thanksmom and then just relating it back to
families and it's worked really well with people! We picked up a few
new people from it and we are going to keep doing that until Mother's
Day. We'll see what happens with it but now it's pretty much happening
all over the mission, so there should be a lot of videos coming in!
Makes for an exciting day.  

Love you! Have a good week!

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