Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hey fam!

Well this week was definitely one for the books. It was full of a lot
exchanges with missionaries in our zone because of some stuff that has
been going on so it's been just peachy! We have driven at least 500
miles this week, so I'm definitely sick of the car.

We were able to meet with our investigator T-- a couple times and we
had a really good lesson about the atonement. She kept saying "Wow, I
didn't know that!" Especially when we got to the Garden of Gethsemane.

She came to church, too, again and since her kids are so wild in church
she made them little kits so they can be distracted so she can listen
better--haha.  It was also ward conference so the stake presidency was
there and they spoke, and towards the end of the meeting the stake
president got up to speak and he talked a lot about Easter and the
love of Christ. Like right in the middle of his talk--at a really
deep part, one of T--'s daughters takes off towards the pulpit. We
were so nervous because she is not afraid to do anything. So she just
runs up there not saying a word and goes right up to the stake
president in his talk and she just reaches up to hand him a piece of
paper. He says thanks and then she just reverently walks back to her
seat! He opened the piece of paper and it was a drawing of a heart and
in the heart it said "I love you" and the stake president just started
to cry. He was in the middle of talking about the love Christ has for
us and after that he jumped into how much Christ loves children and it
was really cool. Definitely scary! But good outcome. Afterwards we
talked with the stake president and told him that was our
investigators daughter and he wrote it all down to share in another
talk. It was cool.

E-- is doing great.  He went to the family history center at our
church to get names to take to the temple in a couple weeks, he's
really excited! And so are we!

Well we didn't even proselyte that much in our area because of our
exchanges but it was still a good week and excited for the next one.
Sorry that my past few emails have been lame but I'm working on it!

Love you guys!

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