Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 31, 2016

Hey everybody!

Well, this week I promise I'll give more of an update than last week.
It's been way cold and rainy, it just brought back some good
memories from last winter....aka slipping on ice daily and not being
able to feel my face but also a lot of good memories haha.  I will
definitely miss the warm weather though. Even though the weather
wasn't the best we still had some cool things happen! Alright I don't
know how to explain this so bear with me cause it's going to sound
weird. But we found a new investigator at Buffalo Wild Wings. Let me

SO......because I'm a fast food veteran, and Buffalo Wild Wings is
only in like 2 places in the mission, we decided to go there for lunch
about a month ago. Our waiter was kinda curious about who we were and
what we did, so we chatted for a second and swapped numbers but we
couldn't get an appointment set up, so we tried setting something up.
He was working double shift the entire week so we asked him if he
would be working Thursday and if we could come in for lunch and he
said yes and to just request him as our waiter, so we did and he sat
down with us and we taught him the entire restoration. 

Every 5 or so minutes I would stop and say "Hey, do you need to 
go take care of anyone else right now, ya know like get them drinks?" 
And he would nod his head and then get up real quick, take care of 
business and then come back. It was absolutely bizarre but we just went 
with it. After we finished eating and talking, he walked out to the car with 
us and we gave him a Book of Mormon and our address to the church. We are
meeting with him tomorrow again! We are excited about him. He's a way
cool guy. Definitely won't be teaching in Buffalo Wild Wings again
though, it's WAY too loud haha but you gotta risk it to get the
biscuit sometimes.

We just finished a mini mission with one of the young men in the ward
and it was a cool experience. His name is Noah and he's a stud. When
we were knocking on doors we saw on our list a potential named José and
we stopped there and knocked and he came to the door smiling from ear
to ear. He said "hey you guys remembered me!" We chatted about him
meeting with missionaries in the past and his concerns now and he said
what's going on right now with his brother is causing him to struggle
with his faith. So we asked what was happening with his brother and he
said he has a brain tumor and is really struggling right now, and he
had a concern of why bad things happen to good people. Well......Mom,
you have a brain tumor! And so I talked about that and how I've asked
that same question to God. But I just bore testimony, as well, about how
what we share is more than just a comfort of knowing it's true, but
there is additional happiness that comes from living the gospel. 

So I told him how it's helped me and he was so shocked that I could relate
to him! Ha-- it was cool. He's a big basketball fan so we are taking the
last little bit of our p-day to play basketball with him and teach him
a lesson, and then we are meeting with him again tomorrow, as well. He
is WAY cool, no idea how he slipped out of the missionaries' hands when
he was found, but it's a blessing we found him again.

We once again had a couple days going up to Canterbury to help that
missionary that is struggling like I mentioned before. Oh by the way,
the new missionary that was just transferred to Canterbury is Elder
Ferrell! He's about 45 minutes away from me. It was pretty interesting
sitting in their living room chatting with Robby just like high
school. He's a good kid. Anyways, yeah, so we had to go up there and be
the Elder's companions while elder Ferrell and Elder Gasman went out to
teach. It was a long time sitting in that apartment but luckily they
had a putter and golf ball so I got pretty good at carpet putting.

It was a good week, no complaints for sure. I really like serving in
this area--it's way fun. Always something crazy happening here so it's
always exciting. My comp and I were talking and we both about fell out
of our chairs when we found out my comp has 4 transfers left and I
just have 6 after this one. It's crazy how fast time flies. There is
nothing like being a missionary. It's hard for sure but learning how
to fix my attitude has really helped me. I definitely owe that to some
of my companions and the Lord for helping me out, cause I'm not the
most patient person haha but attitude really is everything. When
you fix that, then missionary work is fun like it's meant to be!

Love you, fam--have a good week!

 A "mini-mission" with Elder Webb, Elder Holt and Noah Hughes

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