Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hey fam!

At the beginning of the week we picked up J-- as a new investigator,
the one with the brother who just passed away from his brain tumor.
He's such a champ, we taught him the plan of salvation and it went way
good. The pre-earth life made so much sense to him ha he definitely
expressed how much he liked it. J-- is about 25 years old and way
humble, I don't think I've taught a guy his age. It's interesting
because there is so much more in common teaching someone closer to
your age. I like it a lot haha. The best part of the lesson was he said
the closing prayer and dang it was so good. I feel like it's so easy
to get into the repetitious prayers but I feel like the best prayers
I've heard on my mission have come from converts or non-members. Not
that anyone is competing for the best prayer award haha but it pushed
me to try to have more of a conversation with God rather than just
share a list of what I'm grateful for and would like to be blessed

We were able to meet with A-- too and had a couple good lessons with
her. We taught the word of wisdom and committed her to live it and she
said she would, so that is cool progression from her. We have tried to
follow up but she has been busy so we will meet tomorrow with her and
see how it's going.

We had a lot of administrative stuff this week, we had a zone
conference that we had to teach at and we also had stake conference.
We had a cool activity last night with one of the elders in our zone.
So to sum it up we have really tried to come up with ideas to get
creative for the holiday season. We have some cool ideas and have
already followed through with some of them! The Canterbury district
had a float in a parade and handed out Books of Mormon and pass along
cards. It was decorated like crazy with Christmas stuff and it went
really well! Also going back to the Elder's activity, he had a Zimbabwe
night. He lived in Zimbabwe until he was about 17 or 18 and talked
about what it was like and we ate their food and things like that.
It was way cool! Lots of ideas coming.

Well, sorry that this is short but I love you all! We have 2
appointments for dinner on Thanksgiving so we are well taken care of.
Have a good thanksgiving! My companion and I are having a contest to
see who can gain the most weight so if you want to join, feel free.

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