Saturday, November 12, 2016

November 7, 2016

Hey everyone!

This week was a waycool week! We saw a lot of miracles. 

We were able to find 5 new
investigators so I'll start with the first and go down: so A-- is
#1. We finished up our plans at around 8:15 on Tuesday night and so we
decided to just go street contacting And so when we hit the street and
went a certain direction I had a huge prompting to turn around, it
kind of freaked me out actually because I thought it was because we
were going to get mugged or something--lol I'm still the same when it
comes to getting freaked out easily but anyways we turned around and
walked for a little and then we ran into one of our potential
investigators and chatted for a little, and he had a friend with him
and we started chatting and he was going through a lot and said that
he really needed god so we talked with him for a while and taught him
about the Book of Mormon and church because he wanted to go and he was
just crying and crying. The little prompting we get sometimes feel
like they won't pan out, and to be honest I thought it was because we
were in danger like I said before but I think it was the language of
the Holy Ghost that put that in my head to turn me around to go find
A--. He is a way cool guy and we are excited to see how he turns

So next one her name is T--. So I was on exchange with a new
missionary in my area and we went to visit some potentials and we went
and knocked on their door and said we could come back in 30-45 minutes
and so we went on our way back to the car to go contact some other
people and along the way we saw a lady on her porch and before we even
got to her she said "Ok you guys walk around every day dressed up like
that. What do you even do?" Good question! So we chatted and she ended
up telling us a lot about her life and the struggles she is going
through and one of them was same sex attraction. 

But as she continued
to talk, she told us that she knows the feelings she has are not ok and
which is why she's married and has 2 kids. She told us too that she
knows God didn't create us to be attracted to the same sex but it's
just a tendency she has to deal with and fight and not act on. We were
stunned because most people don't think that, but it was so cool to
see her recognize that before the full gospel has even been presented
to her. So we set up a return appointment and will meet with her soon.
Pretty cool experience. 

The next 3 investigators we found were the
potentials we stopped by before we met T--, the ones that told us
to come back in 45 min. So after we met with T--, we went over
there and they let us in and we shared a message and they had us bless
their food they were going to eat.....haha classic. And they are way
cool too. The wife just gave birth about 2 weeks ago, so they have a
good excuse for why they have been busy haha but yeah it was a good

We have felt like we were so close to seeing good things and they are
really starting to come.  I know it won't ever be smooth sailing but
seeing the fruits of your labors even though it's not necessary is a
tender mercy for sure. New England is a fun place for missionary work,
it's really tough but there are always people that will accept the
gospel. Even in the Mormon capital Utah there are a lot of people. The
Provo mission is one of the highest baptizing missions in the entire
world so if that doesn't show it then I don't know what will-lol, so be
missionaries plz.

Thanks for everything you guys do for me and for the prayers. I love
you all! Have a good week!

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