Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 24, 2016

I can explain, but I have to be quick, so it's transfer
weekend and the Elders in Bedford have to help with it all and it's
always crazy, so we have to go help with the new missionaries that are
coming in right now and we are going to take them proselyting straight
from the airport soooooooo I thought I would have more email time but
it is coming to an end because I got that news so I promise I'll give
you a good update!

PS my eyes are doing ok now, I just don't sleep with my contacts in.
Also thanks for sending the package! Haven't gotten it yet but thanks
for when it comes! Also I bought a suit today. Brand new for 60 bucks,
just need to tailor the pants so maybe another 15 or 20 but pretty
good deal! 

Love you fam! Have a good week!

Elder Webb

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