Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October 3, 2016

Hey everybody!

Well this week was an interesting week. We didn't do too much proselyting because of exchanges, zone meeting, and I was HARD core sick the past few days. It has sucked but I'm starting to get over it a little. But the little time we got to proselyte we were able to meet with our new investigator, A--. A-- is pretty cool, a few weeks ago we saw her while we were walking and she was loading up some furniture into a truck and we asked if we could help and then we started to chat a little. She asked us if we could meet with her and so we did last week and then twice this week and she accepted a baptismal invite. It was pretty cool! She wasn't able to come to conference or anything this weekend but we are meeting with her soon. 

It was super random, we were walking the streets at around 8 the other night, and ran into this lady. She was a little startled because she was playing Pok√©mon go and her face was glued to her phone, and she called us "Elders".........no one EVER calls us Elders. So I stopped directly in my tracks and said "WHAAAAT? How do you know to call us that?" And she said she grew up in Utah and went to Bingham high school...... and she was so pumped that we knew where that was. We talked with her for a minute and answered some of her questions about the church and are going to give her a call today. 

I don't know what it is but the streets of Manchester have become infested with skunks. When we don't have a lesson in the evening, we walk around to talk to people and for some reason lately we have been running into skunks every night. 

Love you all! General Conference was amazing. If you missed some of it, go and watch it or go and read the talks. They all were incredible! It was sad to see President Monson the way he was, but it testified to me that he was a true prophet, and I honestly couldn't tell you why because his talk was so short and wasn't mind blowing, but I just got that feeling over and over again.

Love you, bye!

Photos from the Paulson family in Cam's mission. 

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