Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 10, 2016

Hey everybody!

This week was a crazy week. First off, I'm feeling worse than I was last week. I don't know what it is! I usually never am sick, but I guess this Fall in New England is coming with a vengeance on me. So during the day I'm usually good but then when the evening hits I'm coughing up a lung and a half and am really congested but I'm taking medicine for it, so hopefully it will get better. But I realized that working when you feel awful is such a dumb thing to do because it usually just makes it worse. That happened to me this week, I went out in a rainstorm and worked and ended up worse than before and was down after that so if any missionaries out there are reading this, don't be dumb! Haha it was a big mistake, but it's ok because we still saw a lot of miracles this week. 

We had a referral that came in and he requested a bible, so we went over and chatted with him. He's a construction worker.  We taught the restoration and he accepted a baptismal invite! It was kind of funny, when it was asked, he said it in a voice that was like "duh, of course" and we are meeting with him in a couple days again for another appointment. 

So, Elder Holt and I, about 2 weeks ago, went to go contact a potential investigator and that lady didn't live there anymore, but the lady that does live there said we could come back. She was a little hesitant so we waited a few more days and went back again and she wasn't there. So on Thursday or Friday all of our back-ups fell through, and we were just walking around talking to people and we had a prompting to go see that lady again. It was around 8 o'clock, so kinda late, and she let us in.  They are a family of 6--we taught the restoration and it was really cool! They are a crazy family, it reminded me of Utah ha they are a young family, and also because we don't see many families at all in the city! It was a tender mercy that's for sure. 

Afterwards we walked around and talked with people until one guy flew by us on a bike and we waved and he slammed on his brakes. I honestly thought it was about to go down because he came up to us kind of aggressively. But right when he got up to us he's like, "Missionaries, I am very familiar with your church. How are you guys tonight?" And we were a little shocked, but we chatted with him for a while and it turned out he grew up Mormon and joined the army and drifted away, but he felt a prompting to stop and talk to us. We chatted with him about coming back to church and meeting with us and he said he'd love to! It was way cool. 

We found quite a few potentials this week, as well, but none of them have panned out yet but that's ok--the ones we usually don't expect to work out usually work out. I just need more faith I guess! Lol 

I got to go on exchange with a new missionary this week and holy cow--he's such a greenie. It blew my mind to think I'm this far into my mission, I have about 10 months left! It seems like a lot of time but it's really not! It goes by so fast. I love being a missionary, it will be hard coming back to a world where everything I do every day won't have as meaningful of a purpose.  So it was an experience that really helped me appreciate what I'm doing right now. Love you guys! Have a good week! 

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