Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 30, 2017

Wow it's weird to see a video from Jared of the house being empty, and
then the pictures from you of the new house with all our stuff in it!
Weird weird weird. I'm glad it's getting figured out though! It's
looking great.

Wow well this week was a good week. We had a meeting in Manchester for
the first couple days this week and it was fun to see all the buddies
and president and stuff. It's very different having to travel far for
these meetings because I was next door to the building for 6 months
but it was fun.

We have met with E-- the entire week haha he is a stud. He even
came to a ward activity this week. He has really been praying and
reading to find his answer that it's all true. He believes that it is,
but he does want a confirmation. We have been helping him see that the
goal in mind will help it come faster. He is preparing to be baptized
on February 11th but I feel like it might be a little longer.....but
we are hoping the 11th! He is so prepared. He's 19 years old and is
even talking about serving a mission haha he loves asking about all
that we do! I was definitely honored when he asked me to baptize him.
It will be my first one of actually getting in the water with the
investigator, so I'm a little nervous but really excited. Keep him in
your prayers so it works out!

J-- and E-- and their kids, the family we found last week, we
taught them yesterday again and talked about he plan of salvation. The
lesson went really well and E-- said "it's really cool how when you
guys come over everything you teach rings true to me" and we were
like......well yeah cause it is! Just kidding, we didn't say that, but I
feel like it's a common thing for investigators to say that. It just
needs to be brought to our remembrance again but it will always ring
true as long as we are actually searching for the truth or searching
for change.

We had a world conference again and it was great! Since I was in
Manchester close to President and the assistants, we were aware of the
changes that would happen with the change in schedule and key
indicators so we have been living it for about 2 months already and I
love it! And since I've lived it for a while, it's been nice to have
experience to help the other missionaries if they want pointers for
what works best, and concerns to be aware of. It was a really good
conference! Listening to the big leaders of the church always gets me
way excited--I love it.

We had a lot of time to find this week and clear our potentials in our
area book. A lot of them have no info and sometimes not full addresses
so it's been frustrating but we are still finding success through it,
and are helping the missionaries in the future haha (someone has to do
it so why not us). If a future missionary is reading this, please do
well with the area book on your mission. It saves a lot of time!

Other than that, not much to update on. Good week! Hopefully more to
come. Love you guys have a good week!

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