Monday, February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hey mom!

This week was a really good week. There was a lot of really good things that happened and I think the highlight was Elijah again. He seems to be the highlight every week but he was able to get a temple recommend this week as well as pass the sacrament and he even taught us the restoration. It was honestly unreal--he referenced the tree of life and even used 1 Nephi 8 out of memory to teach about the love of God, he turned on his computer and showed us a clip from 'Joseph Smith: The prophet of the restoration' the movie to help us understand his story more, and then talked to us about the importance of faith and feeling he spirit and he related it to gravity and how we know it is there and influencing us but we can't see it. We didn't give him any pointers he found it all on his own and put it together! Haha it was cool to see. He is a total champ. 

We give service once a week at this thrift shop and we have been working on this lady named Colette and she is sooo funny. She is so energetic, and she's like 60, and really interested in the church. We have to be really careful teaching her because it's in a place where we can't proselyte unless we are asked questions, but she ALWAYS asks questions so we can answer them and build on them and basically teach her lessons haha and this week she asked "So what do I need to do to become Mormon?" And we talked with her about the basics, and baptism and things like that, and she asked if she could come to church and what she needs to wear, etc. She's such a nice lady and is so charitable to the community and to see her as a member of the church would just be unreal, she has the potential to do so much good. The other day she was telling us that she ran into a man that was in a little bit of a problem, and as she chatted with him she found out his car payment was due and he couldn't pay it. So she asked how much the payment was and how much more he owed for the total cost and so he told her. She wrote out a check for the total cost of the car and payed it off right there! Haha she's very wealthy, too, and uses it in such a good way. It will be cool to see what will happen with her in a few weeks. 

We found another investigator named Cathy this week and she was super nice but you could tell she was a little reluctant to set up another appointment and as we talked she said she knew she needed a church to be a part of she just wants to make sure it's right and that she wants to investigate a little more before diving right in. And yes she used the word investigate haha. Elder Alarid and I both felt a prompting to turn her to the church websites. She then said "Oh yeah much better, I was just going to go to google!".......that would have been really bad haha we told her to avoid google for the obvious reasons of it not being very truthful and makes us look really bad. She said she would only look on the church websites so that was good! We will meet with her again on Wednesday.

That pretty much sums up the week. It was good! Went by quick. I love Vermont, the people here are so awesome. I feel like this transfer has really helped me see the importance of the reliance on the Lord and not my own power. I'm not the biggest fan of talking to people, I really don't like it actually haha I have fought the thought of "I'm being an inconvenience to this person by interrupting them" my whole mission. It doesn't really get easier as you go on haha but opening my mouth to everyone I see, has helped me first off gain confidence and faith in what I'm saying, and second has helped me see that no one would change their lives, or listen closely, when it's some weird teenager in church clothes talking about Christ. The Spirit helps these people accept the message and it's crazy to see how fast the Spirit can change someone and help them listen to the message. And I'm just blessed to be able to see it all haha. I love being a missionary it's a blast. But it doesn't require the church clothes or name tag to see the same results, everyone can be a missionary because it's not us that teaches it's the Spirit. It seems so obvious but easy to forget sometimes because we think it's us that would mess up what we are saying but if the Spirit is present it doesn't matter. 

I Love you guys have a good week!

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