Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017

Hey thanks for sending my stuff, I'll let you know next week when it comes in.

Wow let me tell ya, being a missionary in New England when the
Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl......makes for a pretty
interesting day. The city seems completely dead but then you look at
the homes and there are tons of cars in the driveways and TV's just
blasting the game. These people here wouldn't miss that game for
anything, I swear, haha--I knew pretty quick who won, too....when we were
shopping for food today almost everyone had Patriots stuff on so we
guessed they won haha New Englanders are crazy people. ;)

We had a good week this week, we met with E-- a lot and are still
preparing him for baptism. He's doing great, we are just making sure
everything is good. Because we met him only like 3 weeks ago and now
he's almost baptized.....pretty quick! So just making sure he knows
the importance of keeping covenants and stuff. But overall he is so
solid! I have loved teaching him. He is very understanding, he keeps
all of his commitments and comes to church every week. He even
participates in class and asks questions and makes comments ha and
they are all good ones too.

We were supposed to meet with E-- and J-- and their family this
week but their daughter got in a car crash and it happened on the day
we were supposed to meet. She's ok though, no injuries, luckily. We
are meeting with them next Saturday and they said they would come to
church! So that would be cool.

We met with K--and K-- this week too. I think I have mentioned
them before, K-- is 17 and K-- is 19. They are step brother and
sister and their mom is a less active member. They are really solid
too, K-- takes notes when we teach her and is good at keeping
commitments and K-- is kinda just getting started. So we were
thinking of a way to get them to church this week and we found out
she had work but he was free, he was just looking for excuses
haha but we had this idea to ask him for a ride and he was like "yeah
I can do that" and so when he pulled up he was in shorts and crocks.
He was just planning on dropping us off haha so I asked him if he
would be cool sitting in the back with us and he can just stay for the
first hour and he said yes, so he stayed! We were pretty happy about

We had zone conference this week too and it was really good, we had it
at the Joseph Smith Memorial and it's always an unreal experience to
be there, the Spirit there feels like it does in the temple to me, so I always love
going there, and especially love that I'm really close to it now. I am
really lucky to have the prophet's birthplace in my mission! It's the
best place ever.

Love you guys hope you have a good week! Go patriots! And Mom, feel better!

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