Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey, mom, yeah I got the package the night before the baptism! Perfect
timing. Thanks! And it sounds like you had fun on your trip!

So, yes, the baptism did happen! And it was super awesome. We really hit
crunch time with getting it all set up and everything planned and
finishing the lessons with him as well and it ended up working
perfectly. E-- was so excited. Something interesting about E--'s
story is that he really had to take a big leap of faith to be baptized
because his answer wasn't set on whether it was all true. He really
wanted it all to be true and believed that it was, but didn't get that
confirmation....at least that he recognized. So we got into the water
and you could tell he was just happy which was way cool, but
afterwards before we went into the chapel he told me his answer came
and he knew it was true. It was a cool experience to see how Heavenly
Father always gives us our answers but sometimes it takes a really big
step of faith. He was then confirmed the next day in church and is
doing great. We are going to start taking him to lessons as well to
get him in the swing of things. He's a funny guy, it's really been fun
to work with him. We didn't meet him very long ago but he is a totally
different person since we first met him.

That has honestly been the only thing that happened this week......my
companion was sick every day this week pretty much, so I have just been
waiting for Saturday and Sunday to come around for the baptism and
church. I've definitely had cabin fever, so I'm happy that he's doing
better now so we can get out and work. It doesn't make it any better
though that it snowed about 20+ inches--haha it's been crazy lately. Up
in northern Maine it's supposed to be 36+ inches so I'm grateful I'm
not there haha.

I promise I will have more to update you on next week. Hopefully there
will be no sickness. Love you guys have a good week!

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