Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 4, 2016

Hey fam!

We went to the parade, but Mitt didn't come, his family did!  But not
him. Bummed. But he should be here next week. Orrin Hatch was there
this week! Which was weird, because he had like 10 body guards and
secret servicemen with him. I thought it was unnecessary but hey, who
knows! There might have been a murderer somewhere. The parade was
cool! We went with Dick and Nancy Marriott. Nancy was comedy, there
was a big Trump portion of the parade and they really don't like Trump
at all, and Nancy turns to us and says "Dick will get a kick out of
this" and she runs out there waving her American flag with a bunch of
people voting for Trump in the middle of the parade. She's crazy. 

And Mom, I think dad made the right decision by having you bear your
testimony next time hahaha I would have loved to hear it though. I'm
glad you had fun at the camping trip! Looks pretty!

The pain under my ribs is still there, but I don't notice it as often.
Probably because the doctor said it's probably not something to worry
about too much so I don't really think of it. But I'm fine!

E-- has a super unique illness with her stomach. And it's really
been hitting her this week and we weren't able to meet with her even
ONCE. It was crazy. I feel bad for her, hopefully we can get a lesson
with her soon. Because she's ready! The only thing is her sickness,
which is a big thing but if you could keep her in your prayers that
would be really cool!

This week was a good week. We met with G-- a lot again, and we have
almost taught him everything! He's borderline though. He's a good guy,
but he just needs a little more time, we are guessing. The gospel is
helping him a lot, but he's one of those guys that it will probably
take him a while to get baptized.

N-- and O-- and doing ok too, they can't read very well because
of eye sight but we got them the tapes of the Book of Mormon and they
have been listening to it. I'll take a picture with them and send it
to you, they are some of my favorite people. Especially O--.

Church was insane yesterday! There were about 320 people there. There
are usually about 50. And the summer people are really cool! It was
good to see a little change of scenery, I felt like it was a Utah
sacrament meeting! A lot of people. Some people we met yesterday was,
like I said earlier, Orrin Hatch, and then the CEO of Black and Decker
Brother Archibald, there were 2 quorum of the 70 members, and the
Romney sons were all there, and then all the Marriotts came too.

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