Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 11, 2016

Hey Fam!

I got all the letters! Thanks. They are all really cool! It sounds
like you all had a good week too! St George and the hunting club.
Always a good time. And when Lindsey and Dallin get into town tell
them I said hi.

This week was a really good week! We taught quite a few less active
and recent convert lessons. Our other recent convert E-- (baptized like
8 months ago) we met with him a few times this week finishing his new
member lessons. He only has one more! And I've taught him every one.
I've been in Wolfeboro for so long haha E-- is a funny guy. He was an
alcoholic for a really long time and he cut cold turkey when he joined
the church and the alcohol has taken a toll on his brain--he's a little slower
learning-wise but now that it's been a while since he's drunk 
any alcohol his mind is coming back a little. Testimony of the word of
wisdom! And L-- will be moving out to Utah at the end of this
month so we have been trying to get in all of her new member lessons
before she goes, but she is doing great!

We finally met with E--! And we had a great lesson. She is so
ready for baptism, but of course the path for investigators that want
to be baptized always gets sooo bumpy before the day comes, so now the
hold up for E-- is her husband doesn't want her to. So she has
to get his permission before. So that's in the process right now! But
she's looking at the end of this month to be baptized. If she gets
his permission! So pray she does!

The really cool part of this week was our new mission president,
President Blaire, came for a day in Wolfeboro and we worked with him
going and teaching and finding. It was really cool! Apparently he
picked our area just by a random draw, so it was fun. He's amazing. He
worked for Nestle for a really long time and then he went and started
his own chocolate company, Bissengers....I had never heard of it but
dang it's so good. But ya we had a really good day with him. While we
were with him we found a new potential investigator and her name is
J-- and she's great. So it was a busy day.

We met with G-- and had a lesson with him, and we also met with N--
and O--. We are spending a lot of time finding right now. It's so
humid here, I'm grateful for Utah's heat. It's way better when it's
not sticky.

Mitt Romney was at church. I chatted with him for a while about Alpine
and how he knows the Mikas (Eric), and he's a really nice guy. I tried
to get a picture with him after church but he scrambled out of there
sooo fast so I couldn't. Church is so much fun every week now. A
church family makes such a difference. That's one of the biggest
reasons why I've been so blessed to serve here. They are so tight-knit,
they work really hard, they help us as much as they can, and they are
almost all converts so their testimonies are super strong. Not that
people in Utah don't, but these people didn't grow up in it so it's a
different kind of grateful. Hopefully no one gets offended at that,
but yaaaaa kaayyyyy.

Love you fam have a good week!

PS I got 3 different reminders about obedience this week in letters......I don't
know if that's just a friendly reminder, but even if it was I still
want to let you know I am as exactly obedient as I can be. It means a
lot to me to be obedient, and that's why I feel like I've been so
blessed on my mission! I definitely have a testimony of it. And I'm
grateful for the reminders.

Love you all!

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