Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 18, 2016

That's really cool the Harveys met up with you! The Harveys are
awesome haha sister Harvey loves the missionaries. And I'm glad you
like the ties! The flower one is for Jared btw. Just sayin. It's fun,
after planning we will start on some ties. Members give us cool fabric
too! I can't believe the building burned down!!!  That
is super unfortunate. What's the next step? Also that's cool Lindsey
and Dallin are in town! Sounds like a good week.

We had a good week! This week we picked up a new investigator, her
name is D-- and she was a referral from a member and we had a
dinner with her and then a lesson and it went really well. She's very
interested in the message that we have to share, she's going through a
lot, but the kindness and love from the members is really catching her
attention so it's really cool to be able to start her progression in
the church! She actually was the one that asked to meet the
missionaries; she said she was really impressed that we set aside two
years of our life to do this for our beliefs! A lot of people are, but
it's cool she's actually interested! Haha.

G-- is the same ha he's so close and yet so far. We only met with him
once this week I think, but we had a good lesson. He just needs to
evaluate his priorities a little more. He's great though we love him.
He's going through a lot too. But he's hanging in there.

E-- is doing very well, she's trying to establish a baptismal
date but her husband is not a supporter. It's such a shame. We are
praying his heart will be softened but she told us today nothing has
changed. So if you could pray for her that would be cool! P.S. L--
is not yet in Utah, a couple more weeks and she will be. But I can ask
her! That would be cool.

We had interviews with President and an exchange with the Plymouth
elders so we were up in their area helping out ha so not a ton
happened this week but it's been cool.

We ran into Mitt a few times this week. He is a really nice guy! But
if you are talking during Elders' Quorum he will call you out and tell
you to answer the question that was just asked or he will tell you to
be quiet. He doesn't mess around! I love this area, hopefully I can
squeeze in another transfer and make it 7 1/2 months here! Who knows.
President hinted at it a little but I doubt it. Dad you should wear
the tie to church. And mom I could make you a ribbon or
something--idk lol I doubt I could, but I could try!

Love you, fam! Have a good week! I'm so grateful to be a missionary in
such a good mission. I love this mission. From what I've heard from my
friends and other people my mission seems very different, but it's so
much fun. The people here are pretty tough but I love them so much.
And I know for a fact that I know I've been called here by God, and
I'm so grateful I chose this and not BYU Hawaii. It's one of the best
decisions I have ever made, if not the best. I just wanted to let you
know how much I love it here! 

Love you

Elder 🕸

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