Friday, June 3, 2016

May 30, 2016

This week was a good week. L--'s baptism went great!! It was way
cool to see her as excited as she was. And of course me being me
forgot to get a picture of her and us in her baptismal clothes soooooo
but we got a pic after. She is doing great though, I confirmed her
this Sunday and it went good I guess. The branch is so good here at
fellowshipping so I'm not worried about her at all losing her way. I
went golfing with her guardians today actually and it was really cool.
They said L-- is very excited to start new in her life.

Our other investigators are doing ok, we are meeting with G-- tonight
and he's doing ok, but we are teaching a lady named N-- (pretty sure
I've said some stuff about her and her son but just to clarify) her
son Oliver is like the guy on the movie Rainman, he's a genius. He
actually has the exact disability as him. But they came to church! And
they loved it so much. N-- really liked it, and they had a linger
longer after church and they stayed and O-- ate SO MUCH and the
branch loves him now. They are doing really good, N-- is pretty
stubborn and she has her own strong opinions, but they are starting to
fade a little, and she's opening up a lot so she's doing good! Our
other investigators aren't really doing much. So only a few right now!
But still going really good.

Ya, so I went golfing today and my driver was on fire but I putted
like a a fool with no depth perception but it was still fun. And I got
a sick shirt too from the member that took us, he bought us shirts in
the pro shop so we will have something to remember when we come home
haha.  Oh mom, you would be proud too-- so I went to a thrift shop and got
a suit that is a thousand dollar suit, for free. The people that
donate clothes sometimes donate crazy nice stuff, they are just really
rich so they don't care about it anymore and some guy brought in this
crazy nice suit and I got it for free because this lady likes the
elders lol. So I'm shopping cheap, I promise.

This week was a good week. We had a lot to prepare for the baptism,
with driving around for signatures and teaching her the last of the
lessons. But very spiritual week! And lots of fun. Love you fam! And
everyone else.

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