Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 6, 2016

This week was a pretty good week. A lot of disappointment but still
good! We saw G-- a few times this week and had some good lessons with
him. He's not really progressing though, so it's frustrating because
we meet with him so much and he always says he knows it's true, but
actions speak louder than words and so far there's nothing really. I
love Greg! But sometimes I want to take away his agency just for like
10 minutes to get him to church!! Just kidding. Well kind of. 

We were supposed to have 6 investigators at church this week, K-- D--

J-- T-- (all one family) N-- (her son O-- too but he isn't an
investigator since he isn't accountable) and G--. And we had all
talked to them on Saturday about coming and they all said they were.
ALSO there is a thrift shop by us and we stopped by a while ago and a
lady gave me a free suit so I gave it to G-- to come so he feels
normal being there, on Saturday night, and he still didn't come. None
of them did! It was frustrating. But kind of funny at the same time
haha one of those moments where you're just have to laugh about it. 

L-- is doing great, she was supposed to go to the temple this
Saturday but it got cancelled, so she is going in a couple weeks. And
she has found names to take and everything so she's extra excited.
It's cool! She leaves for Utah in a couple months to go to school, so
we are trying to get in the new member lessons pretty quick.

We met with our investigator N-- as well and had a way good lesson
about the apostasy and it led to a lot of good questions and she
actually started to cry because what we were talking about hit home
for her, so that's always cool! She's a tough one too, so it was cool
to see that it touched her.

We have our last zone conference tomorrow with President and Sister
Stoker and it's going to be way good. It's crazy they are leaving!
They only have a couple more weeks! It will be sad to see them go but
I'm excited to meet President and Sister Blair!

There is a crazy influx here during the summer and it's starting, it's
getting crazy. The population multiplies by 10 in the summer. And
Wolfeboro isn't that big haha it's crazy. Church goes from 50 people
in the winter to 350+ in the summer. We are starting to talk with a
lot more people which is good! But it's hard to find the ones that
stay in town.

Picture with Ferrari: We gave service at the Marriotts this week like
usual and we pulled up when they were delivering their sports cars.
They bring them from across the country in semi trucks so we took
pictures with one but that's all the truck driver would let us do. But
there were like 10 cars. Like a Ferrari, a couple Lamborghinis, Aston
Martin, and a few other ones. It was pretty cool!

We went to this ice cream place with a member literally in the middle
of nowhere and it was the best ice cream I've ever had. It's in a city
named Sandwich, too. Kayyyyy

Love you fam! Have a good week!

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